Hope — It’s A Beautiful Thing

by Melody Jean

Hope It's a Beutiful Thing Contemporary Seeker photoToday was spent at doctors and was one of those days that moves me to question everything.

I can’t make this stuff up; the shit that happens that is.

And So The Story Goes

As I completed the paperwork in the waiting room, the receptionist said, “The doctor doesn’t take your insurance. Someone called and left you a message so without insurance it’s $350 if you want to see her, and every appointment thereafter will be $350.”

I was sidelined, utterly floored. I certainly did not receive a message.

I know I conveyed this in some vein to the receptionist, I think in an inaudible whisper.

I’d just driven 30 miles and waited 3 long months for my appointment since she is the best neurotologist (a.k.a. inner ear specialist) in the area.

When Hope is Dashed

This news was numbing. She was to be my second opinion, which I desperately needed. I sat there willing the tears not to fall.

Not so much because I couldn’t see her, or because of the cost, but because of my crushed hope.

I was hoping among hope she’d have answers for me. So just silent, yes silent, I sat. Almost catatonic.

I’m not sure how much time passed when a nurse came out an approached me; she offered to talk to the doctor.

Renewal of Hope

After what seemed like forever the nurse returned and said the doctor would see me for free this time.

As for subsequent visits, her colleague, who takes my insurance, can see me.

While it wasn’t ideal that I couldn’t see her without a hefty cost going forward, I was renewed with hope.

More so because of the doctor’s kindness to see me for free.

Pay “Hope” Forward

As I waited, a woman came rushing in carting her son, who later I learned (from her) has downs syndrome and she thought a tube in his ear was causing him pain.

She shared with the receptionist that she booked two doctor’s appointments for 2pm (my doctor and the cardiologist downstairs). It was her hope that she could be seen earlier. At that time it was just 12:50 pm and she had over an hour to wait.

The receptionist curtly replied, “No,” and preceded to ask why in the world she would double book.

The woman, fighting tears, shared that she just found out that her cancer came back and she had no choice but to accept the heart appointment at the same time.

She too drove some ways to get there. The receptionist didn’t flinch. I stepped in and said, “Take my appointment; I’ll wait until 2pm, mine is at 1pm.”

She was surprised I could tell, but grateful. So, it seems, her hope was renewed too.

We became fast friends for the 10 minutes we spent together in that room waiting for her appointment to begin. Life can be funny like that.

One Person at A Time

You see, I don’t believe life was ever meant to be easy. Yet, we can work together to make this world a better place – helping one another in need.

Today’s story was one of two women with hope, only to be crushed, and finally restored again.

We are each others keepers.

As my dad always says, “We can make the world a better place, one person at a time, starting with you.”

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Sean Michael Kelly

Just really really big hugs.


Melody Jean

thank ya much sean michael kelley :))


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