How Do You Measure Your Self Worth?

by Melody Jean

How Do You Measure Your Self Worth Contemporary SeekerWho Are We?

In a world where material possessions are in abundance, and almost coveted to some extent; it’s easy to forget who we are.

The World’s Riches

It’s human nature to focus on achieving that which society deems important.

Those elements that define one as a “success.”

Whether it be a college degree, or the perfect family; pressures run hard.

When push comes to shove, too, people tend to lean toward acquiring material elements.

They get lost in the seeking of all that is the “richness” of the apparent world.

Compare and Contrast

There are so many things that we can compare and contrast in order to determine how worthy we think that we truly are.

However, our worth, my fellow seekers is priceless.

I’d like to leave you with my final thought on this, below. As always, take what you need.

How Do You Measure Your Self Worth?

By your Facebook friends or “likes” received?

The nature of your physique?

The funds in your account?

A VIP table at a restaurant?

The successes of your children?

The college degrees or trophies on your shelf?

The size of your home?

The good looks of your “better” half?

The car that you drive?

The number on your paycheck?

The size of your engagement ring?

The title on your business card?

Your self worth is immeasurable.

Materials are immaterial.

There’s no price tag for hearts of beauty.

By giving without expectation,

loving with all of your might,

and bringing peace to others

you don the splendor within.

Self worth? It’s priceless, indeed.


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