How Many Times and Different Ways Can a Heart Break?

by Melody Jean

howmany2This world is amazing and filled with abounding beauty.

I will always give props to that; though I can’t negate its pain.

With that I question, just how many times can one heart break, and in how many different ways?

Is there anyone, in this world, who has not questioned this in some fashion, at some point?

Pray tell show me who you are, if you have not, for you are not of flesh and bone.

I offer this sentiment here …

“How Many Times?”

Sometimes I wonder

how many times a heart can break?

And in how many different ways?


Transfixed by worldly beauty;

I can’t negate its pain.

I drift off at night in hopes

of beautiful tomorrows

and a steadfast commitment

to allaying any fears.


From family and friends’ suffering,

to distresses of the world at large,

to my own disillusioned heart.


I awake each day

in a haze of optimistic light.

Yet, sometimes, my heart breaks again.

So I wonder, how many times?

And in how many different ways?

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