How the 2% Tax Hike Helped me Remember to Remember

by Melody Jean

The recent 2% tax hike in the good-old land of the free and the brave (a.k.a. America) has all of us in a tizzy. For many this 2% is so substantial that it is as if the government is stealing our means to pay our college loan payment, electric bill, our child’s tennis lesson or another monthly expense. While I am disappointed, because I think that governments across the globe are already privy to too much of our hard-earned pay; it doesn’t make sense to wallow in it. I refuse to continually sit around, debate, ridicule and judge the government on this or another issue, what brought us here, and why we are the way we are. If I do this, I am paying again by giving them more of me. In fact, the best part of me, my energy. My dad has said to me time and again about issues that I sometimes get caught up in, focus on, or think about, “be careful, it could be wasted energy.” I believe this is one of those examples. At the end of the day little ol’ me is not going make a difference in our paychecks. Yet, I can make a difference in, well, me.

Yourself as the Teacher

Of course I don’t discount that examining issues and our history can be purposeful; especially if it helps to avoid repeating mistakes. Yet, will examination or thinking this through really help us to not do it again? I am not so sure, especially if we are talking about different people in a new era or time.

If I use myself as an example – I can watch someone make a mistake, even be a part of helping him or her to rectify said mistake, and then turn around and make the same mistake a week later. I rarely truly learn from other’s errors. My own mistakes tend to be much more powerful lessons. I am my own best teacher sometimes. Mystics maintain that we have all of the answers that we need inside of us. It’s just that many choose not to “go there.” I think this is true for most of mankind, and certainly when numerous individuals are involved in a particular issue.

Case in point, the world and our people have been acting much the same way and making the same mistakes since the beginning of time regardless of examination. Keeping in line with the 2% tax hike in America, greed among those in power has always been present. As a result the mistakes they make are the same regardless of the era. Let’s take a stroll back in time. Remember during the days of Jesus all of the “religious” wars and the greed? Centuries later it was still ever-present. In the 1760’s the phrase “no taxation without representation” was uttered and British citizen’s had to rise-up. You see this 2% tax hike – we’ve always had this problem. Why?

Fixing the Flu Inside

I think it’s a compilation of factors. Yet every generation blames the one before and our world leaders for our demise. And still, the problems don’t go away. Perhaps it’s because it’s inside all of us?

Let’s suppose for a moment that mankind has an ailment of sorts. And I’m not speaking to the new strain of flu permeating our planet from shore to shore. I am talking about an ailment inside all of us. It’s centered in that place where our hearts and souls thrive. It’s ironic in a sense because this is both the problem and the answer in the same right. Our hearts and souls have become soiled with the pain, fear, and greediness of the world we live. Yet, it’s our hearts and souls that will help us to get past this too. This “soil,” has, in a sense made us forget. Since we have been hardened, we have forgotten who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. In reading certain theories on this idea, our souls came from a wondrous light source and we are on our journey back. I have come to think that perhaps we were meant to forget where we came from so that we could go through this quest of remembering. I like to entertain this as a possibility. I think this idea is summed-up well in a quote by Idries Shah found in Reflections:

“You have not forgotten to remember; you have remembered to forget. But people can forget to forget. That is just as important as remembering to remember – and generally more practical.”

The Great Awakening (or is it remembrance?)

Some say that we are in the age of a great awakening and if we continue to entertain the thought proposed above I have a feeling that this could be likened to “remembering.” Awakening and remembering are interchangeable in a sense. And as our institutions continue to fail us – from financial, to government, to places of worship, we have no choice but to turn within ourselves, which some say is the key to remembering.

As a whole mankind has become lost in a sense, but one by one it seems that each soul is starting to awaken or remember. Perhaps it’s because I’m open to the possibility, but it’s quite obvious to me in some ways. As I watch the many inspirational and self-help authors spring-forth, or the average every day man and woman increasingly looking for something positive in all things negative I see remembrance. We are slowly reconditioning ourselves and our minds to remember the source. Everyone has the ability to do this – it’s inside you, me, him, her, we, us, and everyone. Yet, it really can only happen individually – one person at a time. Perhaps as more and more begin to remember, together, this collective energy, which is our life source, our birth-right will continue to grow. In turn this collective energy will help others to remember too. So, what if?

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