Hungry Yet My Cup Runneth Over

by Melody Jean

Hungry Yet My Cup Runneth Over Contemporary SeekerAnyone who knows me well knows that one of my all-time favorite songs is Temple of the Dog’s Hunger Strike.

Props Where Props are Due

I’d like to dust it off and give it props a whole 23 years after its initial recording. Why?

It’s that song I can hear endlessly every day, for every year of my life and enjoy every inch of it every time. It’s a compilation of factors which ensures that this song has me.

It’s Deliciousness. It’s Yummy

The lyrical, vocal, and instrumental components, coupled with the tempo, beat, and melody, which when you sprinkle with the satire of its meaning, is what makes this song so unique.

All of these aspects meld together into deliciousness.

It speaks to the very essence of my soul.

The “Long” Summed in “Short”  (Not Possible for Me)

So you think I’m overdoing it? Maybe I am, or maybe I’m not. Yet, the long and short, which I can certainly make this longggg, is that this song has it all.

Perhaps you should watch the video and listen to it, really listen to it.If you do, you’ll likely get the feeling I do. Because, yes, I believe that there is quote “a feeling” associated with it.

If you can get past the awesomeness of the synergistic melding of Cornell and Vedder’s voices, I urge you to listen closely to the lyrics. Understand them. Once you grasp their meaning, it’s the final clincher to being hooked.

Meaning (For Me)

–> We all have enough. Period.

It’s how you look at your life, and what you take from it.

Material possession(s)? Just a fraction of what you need, look deeper – in your soul and around, for you are blessed whether you see it or not.

This song touches that prior point, but mostly it pin-points those people who think they need more, or want more as Cornell has expressed in interviews. Yet, the only way to get more, if it’s materialism, is to take from someone else who doesn’t have much to give.

–> Liketh it to Taxes

It’s the classic case of the rich taking from the poor, which anyone who pays taxes, and is deemed middle or lower class income understands well.

Having worked in fundraising marketing for the last 15 years for many leading institutions and social service agencies this song’s lyrics, which I share below, always touch me. Yet, there is so much more to it.

Their Story — Temple of the Dogs or a Prelude to Pearl Jam?

Recently I happened upon a version of the story regarding the who, what, where and why it was written and produced.

Again “in short,” what I read said the song was to be the 10th and last track of an album that Temple of the Dog needed to complete it. The album currently had nine tracks, but Chris Cornell, who was planning to sing both high and low vocals for the famous words “I’m going hungry” hates odd numbers.

They were set to record the hit the same day that Eddie Vedder flew in from San Diego to audition for what eventually became our beloved Pearl Jam. The rest my friends, is history. And yes, we’re going hungry.

Hidden Lesson? Perhaps.

The crux of it is that this smashing success almost didn’t happen at all. And certainly not the way that it did.

–> Right People, Place and Time

Yet it did.

Is it irony? Or just coincidence? Is it something greater at work here?

I believe it’s the energy of the universe and certainly Vedder and Cornell’s collective energy that brought them together to do great things inclusive of, but not limited to this song, Hunger Strike.

It’s all about the right people, place and time.

If we allow the universe to work for us, we can all have these moments. These ‘aha’ moments, in a sense, and I touch on this theory in my post Can Science Explain What We Call God, Higher Power, or Higher Energy.

Final Synopsis

So as I sit here and write this with the rich flowing voices of Cornell and Vedder filling my ears, their lyrics touching my mind and soul, I am reminded of many things.

–> One, what I have is enough.

In fact at the end of the day, my cup runneth over in a sense.

–> Two, there are many less fortunate than me. I find it disheartening that our society is set-up in a way that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

–> Three, there are reasons for most things.

Not in that the almighty man upstairs “God” or whomever, is sitting around daily helping me through every decision, such as what I should scarf-down for lunch.

I’m speaking to the idea that major aspects in our lives are really about the right people, place and time.

When we allow the universe to work, it works for us.

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Hunger Strike Lyrics

I don’t mind stealing bread
From the mouths of decadence
But I can’t feed on the powerless
When my cup’s already overfilled,
But it’s on the table
The fire is cooking
And they’re farming babies
While slaves are working
Blood is on the table
And the mouths are choking
But I’m going hungryI don’t mind stealing bread
From the mouths of decadence
But I can’t feed on the powerless
When my cup’s already overfilled
But it’s on the table
The fires cooking
And they’re farming babies
While the slaves are all working
And it’s on the table
The mouths are choking
But I’m going hungry
I’m going hungry
COPYRIGHT © Temple of the Dogs

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