It’s Okay to Rest Sometimes: Give Yourself a K.I.S.S.

by Melody Jean

Contemporary Seeker - Give Yourself a K.I.S,S,On most days my brain turns on the moment I wake-up, lying snugly in bed. My body isn’t ready to move, but my mind is. It’s like a jet plane revving-up to take-off.

K.I.S.S. Yo-self

Yet, on occasion, I wake-up and the juices just don’t ramp-up to full speed quite as fast as usual. Quite frankly on days like these I don’t want to think about anything. This feeling usually hits after I’ve been going full-on for awhile, at a rapid pace, knocking endless items off of my forever growing to-do lists.

So when this feeling takes hold an acronym that most writers and designers are familiar with comes to mind, K.I.S.S. It stands for “keep it simple stupid.”

100 Miles an Hour

Unfortunately, I find it difficult to lie around all day and do nothing. Ignoring my life, or people. Even for a day. Yet, I recognize that I can take a break from 100% full-charge.

In earlier years, I ignored signals like these. I’d continue to go at 100 miles an hour all day, every day until I’d crash-out, regardless of warning signs. It usually only ended when I’d get run-down to the point where I had no choice, but to do absolutely nothing because I was physically sick.

Now I heed the warning sign(s). So on days like this when I’m just not feeling like I have one-hundred percent power, I settle for less. Sometimes less is more.

The Energizer Bunny Will Be Back

So today it’s my goal to choose a few items to do and accept it for what it’s worth. It’s going to be so simple that my plan is to just to be good to myself and those around me. This is all I can do today, but I’m okay with it because I know tomorrow the Energizer Bunny will be back.

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