I’ve Done Enough — It’s Time for Peace

by Melody Jean

I've Done Enought --It's Time for PeaceSometimes we search.

Other times we hide to avoid finding answers.

I’m a Linebacker

By nature, I see a problem, and I need to tackle. And I need to do so, head-on.

The primary reason is I truly believe the answer is out there. That is if you persevere and seek hard enough.

63 Days, But Who’s Counting?

I’ve spent the last 63 days struggling with an ailment. Despite most who said that I could do hypnosis, go to acupuncture, find others ways to de-stress, and it would make it all go away; I knew deep down that it needed to be treated medically.

While I think all of those suggestions are important components, and should be integrated in recovery – but when something is medically wrong, you need medical attention.

So I looked for answers, and I looked hard.

The Ologist Brigade (From ENT’s to Rhuemy’s to Neuros)

Yet the “ologists” that were were readily at my disposal couldn’t help. They weren’t qualified to.

It took months to get to the right specialist. While she may not have all of the answers, I think she’s most competent. I trust this because I have done my due diligence.

From Holistic to Medical

I have searched far and wide, consulted with many practitioners, both holistic and medical.

I found many who wanted to help, but all unsure if they could.

Peace Finds Me

While I still can’t know where this will end up, or if it will right itself, I finally have found a simple sense of peace.

Peace that I’ve done all that I can in this situation.

In Others’ Hands

Now it’s in the hands of the professional, who I feel is the most qualified to help. It’s also in the almighty grasp of something greater. The light.

I know this because I’ve done all that I can for now. With that, I can rest for a bit.

What Will Come My Way

While I’m still in discomfort and struggle, I know I have done the best possible. With that, I have to accept what is to come my way.

If my life changes drastically as a result of this, I will find peace with it in time. That is how the story goes.


So for today, and tomorrow and for a little while, I will work to get through each day. Remain as happy and fulfilled as possible despite my discomfort. Because I believe.

Yes, I believe I will eventually be okay because either I will accept how my new life will be, or I will be cured.

And with that, I can find peace.

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