Just Imagine Your Worry Away!

by Melody Jean

Just Imagine Your Worry Away!Someone said to me today “If you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck.”

To this, I could only laugh. Because sometimes that’s all that’s left to do.

Worrying about Tomorrow

I think I’ve happened upon every imaginable quote and cliché referencing the need to limit worry and to think positive. There’s enough floating about the universe to fill a book, or maybe even an encyclopedia.

The Weight of Words

Even when we’re told to do something eighty trillion times most often it doesn’t make it any easier to practice. Unfortunately too, words can only carry so much weight.

They say when life becomes overwhelming or we’re caught up in worry to think positive. Some further allude that if we don’t think awesomeness, that we’ll actually manifest a negative outcome. The very one we’re depicting in our minds.

I Don’t Believe It

I understand the importance of positive thinking. Really, I do. I’ve actually spoken to this before. So thankfully, when crap is hitting the fan from every which way I have the ability to laugh at circumstance for the most part.

However, there still remain those times when no matter how hard I try, even if I shout at the top of my voice “IT WILL BE OKAY,” deep down inside I don’t believe it.

Positive in Light of Experience

This happens most when we’ve experienced the same situation or troublesome issue at an earlier time. We’ve been there already. Seen it unfold in a less than stellar manner. In instances like these we tend to make assumptions about how a particular event will transpire based on past experience.

If we’ve seen the same element fail multiple times, and each time our hopes were squashed, it becomes increasingly difficult to truly believe that this time will be different.

My Real Life Scenario

This is where I sit now. It’s laughable how many times I’ve faced this particular obstacle that’s causing me mild trepidation. The whole scenario is riddled with irony.

In my defense there is little that I can do to fix this – it’s in the hands of others because of the type of issue that it is. I would guesstimate that this is likely the sixth time in sixth months someone has come to the rescue to “fix” the problem.

So forgive me when I can’t help but feel as if I’m lying to myself when I ask my mind to believe the words “It will be okay this time.”

In instances like these, my practicality kicks in and I wonder how can it be different this time? How is it even possible? It’s the same issue, the same people are in play, and the same balls are in the air. Yet I’m supposed to “think” this to a favorable outcome?  Uhm, much easier said than done.

—> It’s Convoluted

In my real life scenario it’s a little murky because I have to utilize the help of other people. I don’t have the skill-set necessary to fix this. When we have to trust others it creates a whole other level of pause.

We are charged with turning it over and relying on aspects outside of our control. In addition, we’re supposed to not worry, and all the while remain positive. This makes the dynamic even that much more convoluted. Especially since this is one of those scenarios I described above. I’ve been here before, and to no avail, it’s still not right.

Imagine Your Worry Away

I believe a benefit of spiritual development is that prior lessons come back and hit us upside the head again just when we need it most.

So lately I’ve been recalling an anecdote a friend told me some time back. That is, when we’re losing hope we need to imagine that everything is okay, because eventually it will be.

For now, that’s exactly what I plan to do, regardless of the deep nagging reminder that it may unfold as it has in the past. I vow to only allow affirmative thoughts, even if I can’t quiet the little guy dwelling in my gut prodding me to negative. My dad always says “Eventually it has to turn out right, so why not this time?”

While I don’t physically have control of how this will go down, I do have control over my mind. Eventually it will turn out right, and in the meantime, I plan to imagine that it already has.

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Awesome post Mel:) I also tend to walk around with a smile and find humor in things as a coping strategy for life’s woes. No wonder we are friends, we’re funny people! 😉 “If I don’t laugh, I might as well cry” However, often with this strategy the issue never really gets resolved and the anxiety or problem still exists. I guess the awareness of this is the first step. Now what?


Melody Jean

Funny we are. You know, the Sufis say that humor is necessary in life — without it, we can’t survive. I think that while we walk around “imagining all is okay” we are not remiss in our efforts to “behind the scenes” do what is necessary to “fix” said issue. We don’t just sit around with a smile and “think” that it will right itself. While silently we might struggle we are still doing the work necessary to rectify the problem. The only difference is that we do so with a smile on our face rather than complain and spew negativity around. This is the first step, I think. And yes, you’re right it’s tied to awareness – we’re aware of it and while we might not truly ‘believe’ that this time is the right time for the situation to turn out okay, it won’t be for lack of trying. Further we “trust” and have “faith” that eventually it will be okay because we will always been keen enough to do the next right thing, despite the nagging doubt. In the meantime we smile, and laugh at the crap that falls or sits in our lap. Then we silently decipher how to get rid of it, all the while keep smiling and hoping that it will be “okay” down the road. Love you kiddo.


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