Life’s a Crapshoot So Expect Less and Accept More

by Melody Jean

Life's A Crap Shoot So Expect Less and Accept More Contemporary SeekerLife throws much our way – from the good, to the bad and sometimes the really bad <wink, wink>.

Yet, this is reality. Sometimes it falls into our laps, tumbles to the waste side or hits us upside the head.

Sometimes we receive what we weren’t seeking.

Other times we want something, which we may or may not get.

Yet still other times, we expect something.

Expecting is different than wanting. Yet, for both, we yearn for that which we do not currently have.

It’s a Crapshoot

Wanting and expecting are crapshoots. Well in terms of whether it actually happens or not, that is.

If the odds are 90/10 in our favor, we’ve got a great shot at winning the gamble. Even 50/50 is hopeful.

Yet as our odds decrease, disappointment increases. It’s indirectly proportional in a sense.

They’re Our Undoing

I’ve come to believe that our expectations and wants are aspects that we need to be aware of. These desires are our own undoing in a sense. I’ve seen little good come of wanting and expecting elements to transpire as we intend.

Many times if we examine why we’re disappointed, miraculously we’ll find that we were expecting or wanting. Disappointment ensues when it doesn’t transpire or it’s unlikely that it will.

Ten Letters

How do we get past this? I believe it boils down to a ten letter word and all of its subsequent derivatives – Acceptance.

It’s another concept that sounds so simple, but can be rather complex. Yet it’s a key factor to maintaining contentment.

There comes a point when we have to accept certain aspects of our lives for what they are. It’s given that we will not get all that we expect from life. Nobody does.

Societal Ideals & Expectations

I’ve spoken before to the ideals and expectations that society places on the human race. From familial, to occupational, to educational, to social – the list of expectations for that which we are supposed to do and/or acquire is beyond comprehensible.

Coming to Accept

As a result, somewhere along the way I realized that I had to break away from these ties that bind. With that I found a sense of acceptance.

I uncovered a peace for aspects in my life that may never come to be – both big and small. A few are actually ginormous. Not in a way that they’re out of the ordinary to expect since the majority of people in the world have these very things. They’re just elements that most assume will come to be, and for me, they may not happen. Yet, I’m okay with this now.

There’s a Plan

It’s almost surreal how peaceful I feel. Perhaps it’s because I just know that there’s a plan for me. Even if it’s not the traditional kind or the plan that most people follow, everything is unfolding exactly how it’s supposed to.

I don’t think that I’ll be lacking in any way without said elements either. Something else will manifest in the place(s) where those expectations used to lay. That something else will be what was truly intended for me.

Expect Less and Accept More

The world, and in turn our lives change so rapidly. Yet many of us still expect everything to transpire the way they did decades ago or centuries ago.

Perhaps Michael J. Fox coined it best when he said “My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.”

So maybe, just maybe, if we expect less and accept more we’ll minimize disappointment? I think so.

That’s all for today.

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Paul Feeney

… The cure to pain is in the pain 🙂 Paul.


Melody Jean

Hi Paul, great reminder — I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for your note!


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