Light of America – The Rising

by Melody Jean

Light of America Contemporary SeekerIn the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013, I wrote that which you’ll find below.

America is filled with light and love and serves as a powerful symbol for mankind. There is good and bad inside our borders.

It symbolizes the true intended design of the universe.

Remember — light always dissipates darkness.

The Light of America

Sadness in watching the news

It’s numbing how we must consume

the negativity that’s imposed

by evil doings of those untold


They walk our streets

They fly our planes

Shop in our stores

They live next door


It’s in our good faith

that they hone their strength

We opened our homeland

decades ago to this fate


Allowing all in

from the meek to the bold

trusting that this

would too be their home


No passes

No checks

No questions asked

Alas we said come one, come all

to the melting pot unmasked


So come they did

to learn our trades

our systems

our strengths

to undo them in vein


It’s a ball of dust

an endless haze

Seemingly filled with tragedy

and sheer dismay


That which makes America great

also makes us weak

Yet who are they to forsake us

the light that we seek?


We open our doors

to love all in need

so it’s inevitable some

will strike us in our knees


Do we end our good will

in light of the evil few?

Or preserver and rise-up

to those who misuse?


From darkness comes light

beauty prevails

So with this I say we continue to hail

All that America stands proudly for

After all this is what the light wills us to implore


They’re here among us

those cowardly doers

Yet we have the light on our side

to circumvent their maneuvers


So no matter the darkness that we must endure

at the hands of those calculating undo harm

In the end we will reign supreme

Because light always beats darkness

it’s the way the design was intended to be

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