Mayan Calendar 12/21/12: The End or a Dawning of a New Age?

by Melody Jean

Well it’s 12/21/12. D-day according to those who believe that the Mayan Calendar which just stops on this day, is when the world is supposed to end. It’s one of many days that have been chosen as the “be all end all” among those who study prophecies.  Yet, low and behold we’re still here. I wonder at what exact time we are all supposed to disappear into dust? Or when the meteor that is destined to destroy planet earth will burst through the sky? Should I cancel my plans for the day? I say this all with just a tinge of humor, and a great deal of love. While there has been some fear and much speculation surrounding this day, we are in fact still here. Great news, haha!

So what does the sudden drop-off in the Mayan calendar really represent? Some maintain that it is the dawning of a new age. “New” in that mankind is destined to reach higher from this point forward. We will experience a major shift in consciousness, meaning that mankind and our collective energy has the potential to evolve on a cataclysmic scale. Our minds and hearts are powerful. So powerful that if we all come together and embrace the light, we can beat the odds of a doomed world.

My father is the writer for the Philadelphia Spiritual Examiner. He and some of his colleagues at Shooting for the Moon offer today as an opportunity for mankind to come together from wherever we may be at 7pm tonight. Whether it’s your car, home, a child’s dance recital they suggest that all recite either a personal prayer of intent, or the prayer below asking that tomorrow might be a brighter, more Light filled Age; with Universal Caring for self, others and this struggling planet.

You can read the entire article Prayer for the New Age, and I’ve included the prayer below as well.

Peace, love and light to all — MJ

Prayer for the New AgeEach is an eternal child of the universe;
A ray of Light from a larger, more glorious sun,
Traveling from world to world,
Creating our own individual Reality.

O Radiances of Truth,
As this New Age Dawns
Please fill us with joy and wonder.
Let your life giving energy
Rain down upon us;
Stilling all fear and worry,
Helping us to rise higher
Creating a New World
Of Light, health and beauty.

O Radiances of Truth,
With your help
May each heart embrace,
Its own higher purpose
Lifting their fellows;
Smiling, celebrating together
Into the morning sun of Universal Love.

O Radiances of Truth,
With your help
May this New World start with me;
Bless my efforts to rise higher,
Every moment of every day,
And live according to my Higher Self
And the Higher Destiny of the Universe.

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