My Champion, My Cheerleader: An Ode to My Mother

by Melody Jean

OdetoMomContemporarySeekerIf what some maintain holds true — we choose our parents up above before venturing down here — I’d choose my mom Leola “Lea,” all over again. I was, and still am, truly blessed. I love you mom — here’s an ode to you.

My Champion, My Cheerleader

One-hundred percent

and nothing less

When I tripped or fell

You picked me up again


Cheerleader, Champion

Guide, Adorer

The one I’d turn to

when all seemed over


You’d sweep me up

when life got dim

Knowing my bright light

was glimmering within


If my push came to shove

you’d shove right back

Oh but, now I know why

it was to keep me on track


Stray I often did

from the right path

You assured this was normal,

just youth coming to pass


I’d mess up, you’d clean up

I’d muddy waters, you’d make them crystal clear

This is what you did

because you held me so dear


I’ve had fans and haters in my day

Yet you always taught me to “look the other way”

For their intent was of the jealous kind

and you’d tell me to pack-up and to leave them behind


So behind they went

and me to the light

You were my champion, my cheerleader

who enabled me to dream big without fright


From sports, to music, to theater, to singing

You allowed me to explore

Every nook and cranny

deep within me


Explore I did

with you by my side

For it was in your heartfelt smile

that I knew I could rely


Rights and wrongs

mistakes to second guesses

You helped me to uncover

some obscure hidden lessons


It’s amazing that even until this very day

when I triumph you’re the first to squeal hooray

When I’m sad your heart seems as heavy as mine

It’s because I know that you are part of my divine


You’ve felt my successes and my pain

I now know that nobody

can ever love me

the way you do again


It’s truly something that only your capable of

You are the most selfless, kind and gentle dove

Lover of light, lover of life

Lover of me, lover of everything


So on this Mother’s Day I need to convey

to my champion, my cheerleader

Thank you for being you

and for being my best friend

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