My Stoic Back: Strong Too Long, So The Tears Roll

by Melody Jean

My Stoic Back: Strong for Too Long, So The Tears RollI don’t cry often. No, no, I don’t.

It’s A Quote!

While I find no shame in crying, many others look to it as a weakness. I heard a quote the other day:

“People don’t cry because they’re weak. They cry because they’ve been strong for too long.”

I thought, wow! Now, isn’t that the truth.

Yes, I Cried

In recent days, the tears fell down. To this I said to myself, oh sweetie, it’s okay. You’re strong, yet human. So let them roll …

No Pity Here

I don’t pity my soul, or what I endure because you see, it’s just a part of my journey.

With that I offer you this below, which perhaps provides a semblance of why the tears fell down. As always, take what you need.

My Stoic Back

Tears roll

for lives perished

elusive health

friends gone

families slipped away

children lost

damaged spirits

fear inside

physical maladies


I pause to gasp for air

as tears caress my cheeks

I stare in despair

but seek a golden lair

I remember it’s somewhere

Deep inside

Where the well divides

the place He abides


So pray tell all mighty one

Lift me up

drench me in joyful tears

I glimpse my youthful strength

resounding health

powerful legs

stoic back

strong heart

my sweet breath

beautiful soul

powerful lungs

hearty laugh


I remember you see

all that was a part of me

It’s shattered now

fragments among the ground

I look around

Yet there’s no sound

Just my pulsating heart

wishing soul

grieving spirit

to this I toll

as tears roll

Oh! but I’m not alone


I’m reminded again

that you carry thee

from the place

where innocence holds

my stoic back

the eternal essence of me


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I love your poem and absolutely adore the quote Mel! An occasional good cry in my opinion is healthy for the soul whether they be sad tears or happy ones. Sometimes a good cry puts closure to a chapter in your life like nothing else can. On the night of my recent engagement, I surprisingly became so emotional while reading through the comments of love and congratulations from my friends and family. Although they were happy tears, the cry helped me to release the strains of my journey for a period as a divorced single mom. So let the tears flow and be a part of your journey at times. It’s a reminder that we’re human.


Melody Jean

Thank you for your touching note Jen. There is beauty in tears, as you suggest. As Peter Gabriel says in his song Washing of the Water “It’s the washing of the water that will make it all, alright, so let your waters reach me…” Thanks again for sharing sweets! 🙂


William VW

(y) Thank you.


Melody Jean

you’re more than welcome.


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