New Day, A New Year – I Expect Little of 2017

by Melody Jean

Contemporary Seeker New Years 2017The day has arrived.

I don’t have any expectations for this year; not for it to be better than the last or for it to be any more challenging. It will be what it will be.

I can’t foretell the future.

But I do know life is always going to be filled with beauty and pain; it’s the human condition.

I’m thankful for those who make my life a little more special and the awesome ability we as humans (comprised of spirit) have to transcend the elements that hold us back so we can lift up the moments when we feel good.

And work to change what we need to so that we are comfortable in this world.

May we all continue to be of service to the greater collective good as we make way through this year.

Peace to you in 2017.




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