New Year Resolutions: A Brighter Wish

by Melody Jean

NewYearResolutionsContemporarySeekerTonight is the eve before the New Year.

Many across the world look to it with bright eyes of wonder and hopes of starting anew filled with good health, safety, and prosperity for those near and dear. I know that I do.

Yet, I think it’s time. Well, time for me anyway, to wish deeper … on a brighter star.

–) The Star of Youth

As I’ve aged (yes I’m 37 whole years old), I’ve learned much. And will continue to until the day I die.

Probably most telling is that my life, or I guess “life” in general, is nothing as I imagined it would be when I was a little girl.

–) Big Big Things

I was not lied to, nor promised anything that didn’t come to be.

Yet, many children of my generation, especially in America, learned that we had the potential to acquire big, big, “things” in life.

Opportunities to attend college, secure sound employment, develop rewarding careers, live in nice houses, enjoy good health, have happy families, healthy children, the means to provide for self and others, and much more.

Further, we also thought that we would have the chance to sit back in our “old age” and watch the cycle continue with our children and grandchildren.

Yes. It seemed, the world was our oyster. Though many of us were given a nudge on the tush, here and there, “to go get it.”

–) Safety in Elders

We didn’t hear much of the sadness unless it directly hit our family or those we knew closely.

Aspects like world demise and catastrophic events, other than that which TV and radio delivered to our eyes and ears, seemed fewer. We didn’t have to digest as much (I believe), of what “grown-up” life really entails as youth do today.

I think that was wise (or perhaps nice) of our elders. To protect us from the unpleasantries that were sure to bump up on our doorsteps later in life.

–) Life in Real Life

Childhood innocence should never be forsaken. I’m so grateful that, I, and many from my time were spared the knowledge of what the real world involves.

–) Life as Yin and Yang

Yet we’re certainly learning it as we age. Or at least, I know that I have been doing so for the last 15 years since graduating College.

Life is filled with triumphs and losses, obstacles and successes, love and hate, greed and jealousy, health and sickness, life and death, and well, I guess, all other forms of yin and yang.

–) The Real World

My dad says the world is a classroom — wonderous, magic, scary, fruitful, and forbidding all at the same time.

–) No Empty Promises

I never would say that I was left with promises unfulfilled from when I was a little girl. No, no I would not.

My response would be that there is no way to know what the future will be, what we will be afforded, what will stand in our way.

It’s a mystery you see and much of it is left to our choice. Even youth today will figure this out (later) just in a different vein thanks to technology.

–) A Resolution (or is it a Wish?)

I always made a New Year’s resolution, or “wish” as a kid.

Something I wanted to achieve, to change.

–) A Wish … the Golden Soul

What I wish for the upcoming New Year for me, and for everyone, is that we remember this …

Nobody is guaranteed a perfect life, health, mind or body.

Yet, I’m told we all can have a golden soul.

This is the hope for humanity that I hold most closely.

–) A Different Kind of Wish

So this year, as the clock strikes midnight, and I’m sitting next to my special someone, looking to make my wish, it will be a bit different.

It will be one wishing that this New Year affords me (and the world) the courage and the strength to hone both our inner and collective light sources so that we may conquer all obstacles (personal and worldly) that lay ahead; and cherish all victories trusting they’re true and well deserved.

Stay well, enjoy your December 31 and remember: let the good light be your guide.

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Cousin Stephen

Wise words.
I wish you a healthy and happy new year.


Melody Jean

thank you steve for your note. i wish you, and yours, a very happy, safe, and healthy new year too.



Beautiful, touching and very well done.


Melody Jean

I appreciate your kinds words (dad), thank you for writing the comment — love you.


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