New Year Wish — Acceptance and Do Your Best

by Melody Jean

New TearAcceptance and Do The Best You Can Contemporary SeekerEvery year on this day I hope what most do.

That the next 365 days will be filled with an abundance of peace, joy, serenity, success, good health and so much more for all those near and dear — including me.

This year, what I’ve come to know is something different.

That regardless of how much I hope, or how much I pray for all of these things to be – every year will be touched with triumphs as well as pitfalls and pain to peace. It’s called life and there is a design to each of us.

What I mean to mean, is that while we have control over much, there will always be those elements beyond our control.

Some painful. And we can never know what the future will hold.

Yes, hope is a beautiful thing and I will never negate that.

Yet today, instead of touting ‘this year will be better than the last’ I found something different because whether it’s “better” may or may not come to be as the story goes.

So instead I will hone the whisper inside that screams, ‘I will find strength to accept what will be this year, and do my best to make all good happen to which I have the capacity.’

So acceptance, peace and perseverance of what will come is my hope for this year. And I wish the same for you.

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