New Year’s Eve: Shine-on You Crazy Diamond

by Melody Jean

New Year's Eve Shine On You Crazy Diamond Contemporary SeekerIt’s December 31 again, which affords the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on the last 365 days.

Each was filled with varied elements of wondrous beauty and much pain.

There’s really no other way to explain the ebb and flow of ups and downs and highs and lows.

Yet, what strikes me as most paramount is that which I have come to know (in my heart’s center)about me and my three selves (higher self, emotional self, and thinking self), health, people, life, death and the alignment of the almighty universe.

Thankfully, too, I never thought life was meant to be easy. However, I also know that life, even with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, can be peaceful, too.

With that, I’m looking forward to the coming year because, you see, I have choices.

This year I choose to rise even higher. Above the trenches, climbing to the peak of what would be my Mt. Everest.

In the words of Pink Floyd it’s time to shine-on like a crazy diamond <wink, wink>.

And shine I will.

On that note, I’ll leave you with the following sentiment that I wrote on this December 31.

Love and peace to you all.

Setting My Diamond Afire

December 31

a new year will begin

So stop, reflect

acknowledge the diamond within


I swallow my pride

of melodies past

Recognizing now

a new outer shell manifests


I do not mourn losses

for it’s well known

The caterpillar must spawn

into a butterfly from its cocoon


The new year’s intent

is a blessing, a remembrance

Time to look back

and praise growth with vehemence


The story of me

is still to be fully told

I’m awake and walk

though feel sleepy, yet bold


It’s in the next year

I’ll achieve my heart’s desire

Because it’s my intent

therefore I’ll set my life afire


With that I will manifest

my own new year reality

It’s one that only I

and not human eyes can see

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Shine on indeed!! Another pleasure to read.
Happy New Year, Melody!


Melody Jean

same to you SMK, same to you! AND thank you 🙂


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