Opening the Gates of Wonderment

by Melody Jean

Heavens Open Ornate GatesAs I waited my turn at a traffic light earlier, my finger brushed across my lips. I marveled at how excellent it felt.

The Question:

I wondered when I began to awaken to the pleasure of simplistic elements like these?

The Answer:

I awakened at the same moment when everything as I knew it, or believed, began to change.

While there were many losses that I grieve(d), which seemed important, in the end they were not so.

As is such, the gates opened to allow in all of the wonderment that truly is.

Consumed By Trivia

If your home has disastrous issues, a relationship ends, you lose a job, become chronically ill, or a loved one passes on, you will likely become despondent for a period. Rightly so, as these are trying elements.

Yet, sometimes having endured situations that are seemingly insurmountable, we bloom.

Everything else that we thought was a great deal, seems trivial in comparison.

If you’re like me, too, and have encountered a multitude of the aforementioned “crises” in a short duration, then it goes one step further.

Not only are trivial elements recognized for what they are (unimportant), but smaller elements that perhaps we didn’t pay attention to before become, oh, so pleasant.

Like the delicious feeling of the caress of my finger upon my lips.

The Essence of Progression

So as I continue to lose, I know that I will also continue to gain new understanding.

About me, life, and the wonderment of it all.

Perhaps pain moves the progression, indeed.

I am blessed.

Pain Moves Progression Contemporary Seeker Quote

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Groovetacular yet again, Melody! You’ve been writing so many posts, I confess I’ve fallen a bit behind! Keep up the excellent reflections and translation of those reflections into prose. We’re all the beneficiaries of your gift(s). Keep on chooglin’!


Melody Jean

awww thanks for the kudos SMK … your words mean more than you know. thanks for sharing the journey with me!


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