Opportunist for Change

by Melody Jean

Contemporary Seeker Opportunist for ChangeI have a lot of change and potential for change swirling around me. This is partly because of me, and actions that I have taken of late.

I seek change. Yes, I’m a seeker seeking change, sometimes. Okay, heck, most of the time. Sometimes unknowingly and other times because I need it. I crave it.

I mostly view change as opportunity. Of course some change is uncomfortable, especially when unexpected (a break-up, job loss, etc.), but when you’re testing waters, looking for new adventure, trying things out; the possibilities are endless.

The Pull

I don’t like to remain stagnate and I don’t like to remain the same. This drives the men in my life batty, but it’s a part of me. This is both a blessing and a curse as are most attributes.

It’s the pull between one and another – the struggle. It’s like yin and yang, good and bad, dark and light. One doesn’t, and cannot, exist without the other. For how would you know something if it weren’t for its antonym? Impossible. Love and hate, positive and negative, true and false – all pull against each other. How would you know happiness if you didn’t know sadness?

Change: A Hope for Something Better

I don’t view change as “bad” like so many do. It comes with it a potential for opportunity – even change that is uncomfortable or sad. Because with that, comes a hope for something better.

I closely correlate change with opportunity, progression, and growth. So that’s why I seek, and what I look forward too. Yet too, especially now, I’m overwhelmed because sometimes it all can be a bit much.

I know I’m elusive here as to what is going on and there is a reason. First, you don’t need to know what’s transpiring to understand what’s riddled throughout this post via my wordsmith-like banter.

Second, this is going to be posted on the world-wide-web and there are some things, well, that are just better for not all to know. As I continue to live, seek and write it here you will probably be able to come back to this post and say – aha – that’s what Melody was talking about.

The Potential for Change

So in this spot where I currently sit, yes, I see a potential for change(s). I do. And a lot has to do with me, yet others are just unforeseen circumstances where I need to decide when I want to move on. There are several situations that I need to make it through still. Some will be exciting, others work, indeed I will struggle, and I’ll face uncomfortability. That comes with the territory.

Change isn’t always a pleasant walk in the park. Ultimately too, as a result of all the decisions I’ve made and actions that I’ve taken up until this point, I will likely face additional decisions. Some could be life-altering. The potential is certainly there for that.

I might face many decisions, or perhaps a few. Maybe just one, or still yet even none. That’s for the higher will to decide.

Juggling the Balls

At this precise moment my biggest challenge is to remain still.

Well at least I need to try to will my mind to do so. I have to prevent my brain waves from traveling down the road two weeks from now looking for possible future scenarios. If I allow my mind to go there, venture that way, I will start making decisions and possibly taking actions to prepare that aren’t necessary. I have a tendency to this because if my hunch of what’s coming my way is accurate I know that I will be two steps ahead. And I like being ahead, prepared.

Yet, I need to be mindful that if it’s not accurate, my gut instinct that is, I will likely waste energy and perhaps manifest situations or alter aspects of the plan.

So while I’m uncomfortable today waiting to see how it unfolds, and not knowing what or when I will need to decide, I need to well, do nothing. You see, I have all the balls in the air. I just need to relax, juggle these and try not to think too much about where they will land. Just focus on keeping them in the air.

Yes, yes, I’m an opportunist for change. Yet, there are much worse things that I could be. That’s all for now …

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