Our Synchronicity — It’s the Design

by Melody Jean

Contemoprary Seeker Our SynchronicityOften people become frightened of the unknown. With that, they put up a wall to protect themselves from entities. Especially those that are seemingly alluring in some way.

Whether it be a person, problem or another tangible item,  yes, walls are constructed.

Yet, you can’t fight fate. There are certain elements in the design not worth harboring against. You will not win.

You know the push/pull that you feel for another element? It’s as if you want it close, no, but not that close!?

Perhaps you should stop resisting, and hold it tight. You just might have found a gem.

I sum up my thoughts (from the gem side) below.


Our Synchronicity

Often I marvel

where it’s coming from

The burning, pinging, pricking

it’s part of a lofty sum


Each step I take I consider

Where next it’s going to shine

It saunters up upon me

and lies ahead in all due time


In silence I glean the answer

as to how it comes about

I anger, love, and regress

and then ponder why all’s a mess


It sears, it tingles

Yes, it’s there at every turn

Yet, my mind’s eye is stronger

than what’s been unnerved


I forge ahead

Then I fall back

I duck to the side

to miss your lethal attack


I hunker and hide

Keeping that which wills me to divine

The love I yearn

Oh, but I behold the cross I’ll burn


So that I remain me

Regardless of your constraints

I will continue with my proud affection

And deliver of no complaints
Long before

You pushed me away

You’ve pained me deep

It’s as if you incessantly forbade


Me inside you

Since you’re unsure of me

So we’ll continue this dance

until you embrace our synchronicity 

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