Oxymoron-ish Snow

by Melody Jean

We just had our first big and glorious snow storm, or debacle, however you want to view it. It’s personal how you embrace the white stuff. And after watching it fall last night enthralled by it’s beauty, yet filled with slight trepidation that it will knock-out the power and leak into my already leaky apartment, and as I unwind from cleaning it up just now; I became entranced by thought. Below is the product for all of you. We’re all “oxymoron-ish” snow in a sense, you see. Oh, and I will include a post script note here: please know, that I know, oxymoron-ish is not a word (or at least not one found in the dictionary). It’s merely a representation of what this means to me. I trust that you will understand. 😉 Happy reading!

Oxymoron-ish Snow

Oh glorious snow

how attractive you are

as you fall from the night sky

gently adorning our greenery

as we snuggle warmly inside

You are a playground for children

and adults alike

from snowmen to sleigh riding

you are truly a blessing in disguise


Oh troublesome snow

how challenging you are

bogging down our power lines

cutting off our source of electricity

trapping our cars and highways

causing strenuous labor, accidents and sometimes death

as we remove your weightiness from our depths


Oh oxymoron-ish snow

you are beauty and pain

yin and yang

good and bad

polar opposites

all in the same vein


Oh symbolic snow

You are me

You are her

You are him

You are we


Oh oxymoron-ish snow

May we learn from you

and your complexity

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