Patience For What?!

by Melody Jean

So often I’m told “patience.”

I find this word, while seemingly so small, rather demanding and well, somewhat confusing. In thinking about all of the times I’m caught “impatient.” Or told by another: “It takes time” or “Patience” or “In Gods time, not your time.”

I wonder about patience. Not in that you patiently wait in line at the store for your turn; patience on a grand scale. Patience for what?

Questioning Patience

Do we sit and patiently wait for the food to come to our door? Or proactively seek the means to afford it, procure it?

Do we kick-back and wait for that perfect job and compensation raise? Or do we hone our talents, broaden our horizons, seek within and outside, to ensure we receive these very things?

Do we patiently wait for another to “find himself?” Or seek to find someone already “found?”

Do we calmly await for the reason why we are feeling increasingly sick or lethargic? Or do we continue to visit endless doctors who seem to have little answers or a desire to help?

Do we patiently wait and hope that our one true love appears? Or do we seek out resources such as online dating, singles events, and the like to meet that person?

Do we sit and allow a door in our home to leak indefinitely? Or do we continue to search for answers, solutions, to make it right?

What is patience?

I am a Type A personality all the way, so it would seem odd for me to patiently wait for anything that which I mentioned above without proactively and consciously contributing to the outcome. Except perhaps waiting for the one. That I believe is in the hands of something greater than me, and in that time, not mine. Yet, I came to that conclusion only after trying to influence said outcome. It not only became tiring, consciously searching that is, but I think in seeking, I might have actually altered the path to an extent. Or at the very least influenced situations to manifest along my path to meeting the one, that perhaps wouldn’t have transpired otherwise. I met people and got caught-up in situations I may not have were it not for the advent of new technological social means, and my pursuing it. Therefore, this aspect I turned over, and patiently wait.

So with that thought, perhaps there is a timeframe for patience? In that at first we need to be active in our approach. If at some point we find that we can’t control the outcome, the answer is to let go and patiently wait to see what happens. What the energy of the universe has in store.

Is This a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System (or our Soul System)?

I often wonder if this is one of the eternal, internal, plights of mankind – a test to learn patience? Or at the very least be able to learn to differentiate between that which we need to be active about, and those aspects that we need to exude patience and embrace time for. All the while hoping and trusting in “what will be, will be.”

Perhaps the lesson, or test of patience, is closely aligned with what I spoke to in this post, How to Determine Your Will vs. Higher Will? I’m not entirely sure, but when I let my mind go the way of thinking about patience and what it means, I can’t help but to notice the correlation with deciphering my will vs. higher will. It’s almost a shade of gray, or something in-between, where these two very ideas meld together.

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