People Want What Others Have – So Give Freely

by Melody Jean

Sometimes we inspire others and we’re anything but the wiser. It’s not until we witness someone saying or doing something that we think … ahaha, maybe. We never even realize that others are drinking of our deep beauty within. Perhaps because many times we don’t have a clear means to gauge the impact to which we have on others. Actually most often, we don’t.

The Best Kind of Inspiration

The best kind of inspiration to be, I think, is one where it’s unbeknown to he who inspires. Those “inspirationalists,” who just live their lives and share bits and pieces of themselves along the way. They offer it up for the taking, without fear. Yes, without fear.

The Art of Giving Freely Without Fear & Jealousy

These individuals are not afraid to be who they are, nor fear the judgment of others, or that their gift(s) will be stolen. Further they’re void of jealousy. Yes, jealousy. They’re okay with people taking their advice, examples, and even their ideas.

I believe, in a way, that’s what we’re all here for. To love others and to share our strengths. But there are few who master this element. Giving freely without fear of it being taken or jealousy in how another may use it.

People Want What Others Have In Theory and Outright

Often people see others by what they think the other has and often, well, want it too. Whether their image is true to the person’s actual nature, or possessions, is a whole different story. In most cases that doesn’t even matter. What results is someone sees something that another does, owns, or exudes, and wants it too.  If this happens, you should be flattered, not fearful.

Fear Not! Duplication is Not the Original – It’s a New Original

I’ve learned along my path there’s no need to fear. Why? Because one duplicating my effort is not the original work of the originator who is me. It’s a new original in its own right. We must remember that we are special so no matter that which others take from us to use for themselves or how they emulate; it’s really a nonissue. It will not be the same, and it cannot be the same for they are steering their ship and you, yours. It’s my only hope that if someone uses something of mine, that it’s for good, to better themselves or the world.

They Want YOUR Product

Yet, there are other times when people view something we do as a product, for lack of a better word. It’s a tangible something we created. We have a good idea, or put forth an effort that’s taking height. So they see this. And for whatever personal reason, or gain, they too want to do as we’re doing.

To most who originate a sound idea this may appear threatening, and it instills an element of fear. Why? Because in their ingenuity and tiring efforts they created something awesome and they fear that they may perhaps lose that which they’ve worked hard for. Or worse, another might do it better. So rather than give freely of themselves to the world, they covet that gift to which they were meant to give.

Whose Money is It Anyway?

I liken this fear, or coveting, to a steadfast biochemist, who after blood, sweat and tears uncovers a medication to help manage symptoms of a disease that plagues mankind. They rush to patent their awesomeness so that nobody else can lay claims. Is this necessary? Perhaps in this case – nothing is truly free my dad always says. Yet, at a cost to whom he says?

— > Case in point? When an unexpected expense comes up which I’m upset that I have to pay, my dad says “Mel, whose money is it anyway?” I used to respond, “Mine, I worked for it.” In later years, through his guidance I came to know it’s really not my money – it’s the higher Will’s money. So if this principal holds true; aren’t my ideas, actions, advice and work, in a way, a higher entity’s to use at Will? To offer to the world and help make it a better place? I am beginning to think so. So if someone takes something from me, what have I lost? I believe very little …

Something Greater Protects You

I speak to this because with this blog there’s a potential for others to take from me in various forms, and not all for good. Yet, I’ve come to terms with that. Many have asked – do you even make money? I chuckle and say, “No, not today and quite frankly, that’s not why I do this.”

It’s like the movie, The Words, where the struggling author happened upon a masterpiece manuscript. He shared it with the world as his own, and became famous, amassed a fortune. The lyricist, who actually penned those pages via heart wrenching experiences, came to know of this undoing. He didn’t avenge the writer or seek compensation. He only wished for the now famous author to know that he knew. Something greater took care of the rest. This is how I see it.

Yet, We All Have to Eat

You see, you were given this gift of you, to share with the world. I really believe that we should let go of it, give it freely. Perhaps the only thing to note is to remember that at times we may need to be wise about it, after all, everyone needs to pay bills and eat.

Remain True and Fearless with Good Intent and You’ll Prevail

This is one of the many, many reasons why it’s in our best interest to remain true and fearless and always have good intentions. True to self, that is, and fearless in our pursuit of it, always honing our higher heart. We should live our lives as we choose, without fear of losing, which in the end becomes the ultimate example.  This is what the true seekers seek from us, and wants to emulate. Those who take for greed will be righted another way.

So we should never relent, hold back, for fear that others will misuse it, or harm us. If we do then we’re withholding our gift(s) from those who will hold it in high regard. We need to trust that we’re protected by the ever elusive good energies that surround us. I sometimes feel that this is, in fact, one of the many reasons humans were put here. We are here to give, learn, love and eventually, go back home.

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