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Melody Jean, Contemporary Seeker … empowering others to discover their journey for truth

“Seek and we shall receive!” We’re all spiritual beings and on a spiritual journey (whether aware of it or not). Yet, often one needs help zeroing-in on their individual light path, or finding the superhighway to getting “there.” They also may require assistance in removing obstacles that could be blocking their path.

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Disclaimer: Melody Jean provides thoughts and insights based on her own life experiences as a teenager growing up in Westchester, NY, college life, urban living (New York City and Boston) and advanced studies in communication theory and practice. She is not a psychiatrist, therapist or in the medical profession, nor does she claim to be.  If you are depressed, suicidal or need help you are advised to immediately seek medical attention and go to the nearest emergency room. Melody, nor can be held liable for actions of those who read this material thereafter reading and/or soliciting advice from or Melody in any way.