Reciprocity in Love: My Hungry Heart

by Melody Jean

Reciprocity in Love: My Hungry Heart Contemporary Seeker Picture“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

I stumbled upon this goodie quote in search of Contemporary’s Seeker’s “Choice Quote of The Day” for my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages.

It hit home, especially because I feel something shifting inside.

Something that I can’t quite put my finger on, but know I’m ready for that “some” thing different. 

Reciprocity in Love

It’s quite uncanny seeing as I have what many would consider the most loving, supportive parents and family anyone could ask for.

So I’m not sure when it changed.

Or maybe it was never there; the ability to let others “in,” to fully love me in return.

It almost feels icky.

Eeeeewww …. 🙂

To Love is The Greatest Gift

Loving others?

That’s so easy for me – I love to love.

The reciprocation, that’s what I withstand.

A Wall so Tall

With that, where did this gargantuan “wall” come from?

Even with immediate family, I don’t allow them to “help me” the way they’d like to.

To Reason the “Un-reason”

Trying to deduce this down to “reason” is oh, so, trying, ha!

I’m highly self-sufficient at 40 years old; I never went back home after College.

Perhaps, my independent, introverted nature has been the “block,’ that needs to be unlocked.

Because I’ve had longstanding relationships.

Even so far as to build a house with a significant other to which we sold when we parted.

So it’s not that I don’t have lasting, meaningful, and caring relationships.

It’s that I stave-off help, support, and I guess, love to some extent even when coupled.

Feeding the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra gets hungry.

It begs for us to allow an open flow of love – both in and out – giving and receiving.

I now recognize mine is closed to the backward flow.

An Offer to Receive

I’ve been unfair to those men (and others) in my life who wanted to give, yet, I was unable to receive.

With that I vow to allow the next man in. The one who tugs my heartstrings in that sing-song place.

Allow him to give, love, and cherish me whole to the best of his capacity.

After all, what have I got to lose?

My hungry heart will thank me for it later. <wink, wink>



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S M Kelly

Finally got to read it! 😉


Melody Jean

hope you enjoyed it SM Kelly :))


Sean Michael Kelly

As always, my beautiful friend!


Melody Jean

awesome sauce :))



read the post – just one word is what I feel – WOW.


Melody Jean

hi dheeraj… i think “wow” is a good thing :)) thanks for your your note. cheers!


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