Release Your Fear – Two Simple Steps

by Melody Jean

Don't Be Afraid of Fear Contemporary Seeker“Fear – the mother of all obstacles, the road blocker, the heart stopper. Don’t be afraid of fear.” ~Melody Jean

There is no other way around it.

Fear is a part of life.

There are a plethora of lovely, inspiring, quotes floating around the social media universe to remind us to not fear.

Case in point the one I wrote that opened this post.

They’re all good and well, yet words and prose can only do so much.

I find anyway.

The Unknown – Greatest Fear Factor

Fear of the unknown is paramount among most; whether it’s realized or not.

Humans don’t like sitting with a nameless and faceless potential.

We need to know.

Yet that it is not possible to do so in all instances.

So we fear, we worry, even if subconsciously.

Will I have enough money to pay the bills?

Will I be able to afford for my kids to go to college?

Will my family member get sicker?

Will this chronic illness progress or worse, last forever?

Will I get married, or have children?

Will I be alone?

The list is endless, you see.

Overcoming Fear

The only way I have learned to get past fear is these two simple steps:

1. Do the best I can. For instance – if I am fearful of illness, I will seek solid professional advice, do my research, and determine all I can. Take a course of action, tweak if necessary and then turn the outcome over to something greater. I call it God, but others might call it the universal light, nature, supreme being, Allah, Jesus, angels, a Saint, or another trusted entity is “greater than you.”

2. Pray … A lot: I don’t just pray for said issue to work-out in my favor. I pray for all to work out as intended and for the strength and mercy to handle it with grace.

I often say a prayer my dad taught me. He said to me once, “Here is a prayer or method to help redirect repetitive fear based thoughts. Say it twice slowly or as often as you need throughout the day …”

Prayer to Release Fear and Worry

O Lord, free me from my repeating fear and worry and replace this anxiety cycle with peaceful thoughts of You.

All things originate in you and as you Will my situation will work out as intended.

O Lord, please free me from my fearful, thoughts and replace them with thoughts of You.

The End Note

After I take these steps, I feel a peace, a calm. Of course, I repeat as necessary, both actions noted above. Because everything is transitory, and fears will resurface.

Just remember:

1. Don’t be afraid of the fear.

2. Find methods, such as those I suggested, to move beyond.

Love and Light.


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