Remembering 9/11 — Hope for Humanity

by Melody Jean

Remembering 9/11 Hope for Humanity Contemporary SeekerToday is the anniversary of September 11th, and like every 9/11 since that tragic day in 2001, the day serves as a reminder for many across the globe. From the city streets of Manhattan, NY, to the Middle East, we all remember, and for different reasons.

Grief and Fear Collide

I was a native New Yorker (born and bred), living literally less than a mile down the street from the terrorists in Boston, who hijacked the plane with the destination of the Twin Towers in mind.

Immediately after learning that a plane collided into the World Trade Center that morning, like many throughout the world, I was filled with grief for those lost, and fear of the unknown. Sadly, I continued to be for a long time thereafter.

Higher Hope

Yet, looking back every year, and re-watching videos on the news from that tragic day, I’m reminded of much.

While sadness is one, a stronger element has retained its position at the forefront for me  — through darkness comes light.

I now see that amidst New York City’s smoke-filled streets of destruction on 9/11/01, a ray of light shone bright with hope for humanity.

This light was brighter than the aforementioned darkness.

It billowed down in the form of the thousands of selfless acts among first responders, strangers and fellow humans who chose to rise higher, above self, to help, love and assist others.

One Person at a Time

My father always says “the way to a better humanity is through making better people, one person at a time.”

So yes, on that day, and every 9/11 forward I now feel hope. Hope that as a race we will continue to seek higher, one person at a time, even despite those who breed darkness.

In Honor and Memory Of — A Little Prayer

God bless all of those who lost their lives that day, or that of someone they loved. May you continue to find grace and the healing light.

Let’s all hold those we love a little closer tonight in honor and memory of, and respect for, those fallen on 9/11/01.

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