A Reminder: Turn it Over to Your Higher Will

by Melody Jean

Trusting In Our Higher Will Contemporary SeekerSome days, more than others, we realize that life isn’t always comprised of “happy, happy.”

Nothing specific even has to transpire to get us there.

The Dragger-Downer

Sometimes too we know what’s making us feel unsettled. Yet we deny it, but sense deep in that place what it is that’s dragging us down.

Wants Versus Need — I Say Gimme!

Often we want something so bad that we become willing to accept less than we deserve because we want it that badly.

We deny reality a chance to come forth and become consumed with the state of denial ignoring signs (like our gut instinct). Further, we push our minds into thinking that whatever it may be, will work out the way that we want.

The way that we want too, is unfortunately not always what we need.

Case in Point — Oh! How I Love Pointed Cases

A perfect example is in a relationship where one is ready for it all (often times the one who is miserable) and another who is not. The one who wants it to work out will put forth effort in every vein and become consumed daily by this task.

Sometimes though, the future isn’t ours to see and we need to just let go and trust that something greater will come forth.

I remind myself of this often and speak to an essential tool that helps in this endeavor in The Power of Letting Go of Worry.

Hello Higher Will

Sometimes a little reminder of trusting in our higher Will, and not ourselves, is what we need to make it through the day.

It’s part of our spiritual journey. Remembering that the source is there to guide us.

When I Let Go — I Receive

I actually do this. True story. I do this in my life journey and quests for love and truth. Miraculously the moments when I let go, are usually quickly followed by moments when I receive (what’s intended for me). And, oh! How enjoyable those moments are!

Try It — For Just a Few Days

I understand letting go sounds great in theory, but is actually much more difficult to put into play. Yet, I like to think of it as mind over matter.

If it doesn’t come naturally — force the mind to go there. Even if for just a few days.

It’s a relief to let go of that which we know is pushing us to the trenches. We can start by making a vow to not act on said issue (even if for for just a few days).

Let The Universe Drive Your Car

Instead let the universe take over and drive your car for awhile. If for no other reason than because you’re tired of thinking about that which bogs you down or that you recognize your energy would be better served in pursuit of those aspects that you can actually influence.

So join me by turning over that biggie in your life to something greater. Take the back seat for a change, and enjoy the ride. You might be surprised where you end up.

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Well my sweet Melody Jean; you need to stop seeing my life and reading my thoughts without even being in my presence. LOL

This article speaks directly to me without exception.

Yes, I tried pushing myself into a relationship where I was the one who entered into it with both barrels blazing. I fell in love in a short period of time. The physical/chemical attraction was like spontaneous combustion right from the onset of communication by means of cyberspace. The first face to face meeting was coyishly flirtatious and without a doubt sensual.

I looked at him during that face to face meeting and said to myself, ‘this guy isn’t really my type’. However, everything else in my mind, body and soul reacted in total contradiction. Sparks flew, and pheromones were working overtime. We ended the two-hour pizza dinner with my giving him a peck on the lips and hopping into my car with me shaking my head repeating to myself that he didn’t meet my criteria from my ‘man-demand list’.

In four months that we knew each other, we actually had personal face to face encounters just 10% of that time. Those times were enjoyable, sensual, sexual and then ended up in civil verbal miscommunication of what this ‘relationship’ really was. I wanted to identify it with a label. He wanted the warm and fuzzies part, but wanted no part in labeling as he was not looking for a committed, “we’re moving in together” relationship. He wanted his life as a single, never been married, man to remain unchanged and unobstructed by the encumbrances of a life partner connection which would involve being in love. I was already at that point and conflict, frustration, and discontent became an ever present ingredient of the yet un-labeled thing that we shared.

Man was that painful. But I tried and pushed for more and everything inside of me was giving me the signs and signals that this was not meant to be. You may call it a gut feeling, I call it the Holy Spirit. The Spirit was telling in no uncertain terms that this was not going to work, no way no how. But I wanted it so badly that I just hung in here and tried to conform to his wants and desires in a woman. Very foolish move on my part. It terrorized me; it tormented me; and I knew no joy or happiness in being in this un-labeled thing I had with this man. I so wanted it to work so badly that all it did was scare him, but he was so confused by his own insecurities and unexpected relational feelings that he wouldn’t call it quits. However, the bickering and verbal conflicts continued. We broke up, in theory, several times. However, somehow one of us always broke down and contacted the other and started all over again. Nothing was resolved and nothing was going to change. But yet we continued to see each other at most once a week, and speak by computer (BIG MISTAKE)




I cut myself off with (BIG MISTAKE). To continue:

As a result I pushed and pushed against the tide of the Universe and brought upon myself a million tears, sleepless nights, pain and suffering that scared my friends of where I was headed emotionally if I didn’t cut the ties.

In the end the Universe had its way and we ended what we had on a bad note and I’m still trying to ‘wash that man right out of my hair’. Yes, letting go.

But it’s tough as hell not to think of him, to distract myself with other activities and work. I forced myself to open the doors of opportunity by subscribing to several online dating sites and have the second of two meet and greet lunches from men who responded to my profile. The first lunch was definitely a no-go, and the second one is coming up shortly and I’m keeping my mind open optimistically that this new meeting will result in mutual compatibility and hopefully the chance of future ‘dates’ and ultimately in the relationship that we are both searching for as we have already spoken by phone just one day after he showed online interest in me and sent me his telephone number. We have many things in common and had a terrific phone conversation that made us both feel comfortable and familiar with one another.

I look forward to this lunch with enthusiasm and hopefulness that after such a long time of being by myself and single, this new ‘friend’ may turn into something more than that.

Warm regards,


Melody Jean

Hi Bella,

Wozers! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story. I am sorry that you had to go through such pain and anguish. You will rise above and be stronger for it. This I know you know. And while, the example I used in this post was that of a relationship because I see it most frequently, that which I faced today, where I had to turn it over was of a different nature. I had to let go because I’d done all I could and the rest was in the hands of others. Time and again, though, people force things “their will” and specifically relationships. Often they try to fit a circle where a square should be. Force the relationship to be what it was never meant to be. I think that you’ll like this post too called “A Circle Can’t Fit Where A Square Should Be” found here –> http://bit.ly/14Mn9Z9 where I touch on the relationship element in much greater detail. I hope that you continue on the up and up. Stay strong sweets! 🙂


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