Rough Waters and Bumpy Roads – Sometimes Life Is Just About Staying Afloat

by Melody Jean

Rough Waters & Bumpy Roads Sometimes Life is Just About Staying AfloatOne minute we’re skipping along the streets of life gracefully, happily, just soaking up its riches. Then, in an instant, a small pebble, rock or another obstacle appears.

Unaware of its presence the darn thing trips us up and throws us down. It’s a hard fall. One where we know that it will take effort to get back up.

The Initial Fall or Much More?

The reason for it’s difficulty isn’t so much because of the initial fall itself, but rather everything else swirling around. Other variables which we become dependent upon.

Will someone reach out a hand to help? How much dust will be kicked-up to muddy our vision? As the cars and people whiz by will we endure endless debris our way? Will the dust take residency in our eyes, nose and mouth?

Sadly some will intentionally seize this opportunity, when we’re weak. Down for the count, to feed us further demise. This makes gaining our footing even more of a bear.

Keeping Our Head Above Water

This happens sometimes. That is, we trip-up, fall down, only to get back up again.

It’s one of the energies of the universe and the reality of life. I liken it to treading rough waters. Sometimes the current has us. Every which way we turn we yield for air, yet find none there.

–> Staying Afloat

In these moments we feel as if the world is on our shoulders. It’s as if we have to use all of our energy to stay afloat, and withstand the current that pulls us down.

–> Sink and Bob

We sink, we bob back up, we get pulled down once more. Our heads surface and we gasp for air, but again we find little there.

–> I See A Boat

The boat that awaits, we see yonder. It’s the thread for hope, the golden ticket. That is … If. We. Can. Just. Get. There.

So we tread a little faster, pray a little harder, take hold of our adrenaline and seize our very being of survival. It’s then that we start swimming.

–> Swimming

Swimming through the rocky waters forgoing the monster undertow.

We kick our feet to motor us toward that bobbing, little boat. While it doesn’t see us, we see the beautiful manifestation.

It’s there to take us back to safety. Yet, as we near; it appears to move farther away. It’s in that moment that we trust, or just know (?) that if we keep moving, that peace, love and shelter will again be ours.

–> Safety Awaits

So we continue on swimming until we eventually reach the boat’s sparkling rim where a crew awaits to provide safety.

That helping hand, that we longed for, reaches down. It pulls us up, and carries us aboard. We’re offered a blanket, water, and shelter from the hardened light.

–> What Pulls Us Through

It’s in that moment that we remember.

Trials and tribulations cannot be avoided, they are life and will always be forthcoming. Yet it’s our combined will and the higher destiny that always, always pulls us through.

–> Smile

Rough waters and bumpy roads are inevitable along our journey. It’s how we power through the current, or peel ourselves off of the pavement that is the choice.

Whether we do it with a knowing smile, or a fine-lined grimace, life’s tests and woes will always be with us. I choose to smile — come smile with me.

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