Contemporary Seeker Guidance

Empowering others to discover their journey for truth …

What is Contemporary Seeker Guidance?

We’re all spiritual beings and on a spiritual journey (whether aware of it or not), yet we also have a physical outer core. Often one needs help zeroing-in on their individual light path, or finding the superhighway to getting “there.” They also benefit from assistance identifying obstacles that may be blocking their progress in mind, body and spirit.

That is where I come into play. By reading these pages, perhaps, it will afford something(s) to help in your ‘travels’. I’ve sought help on my journey over the last 20 years via many avenues, people, and confidantes. So it’s time for me to start to pay it forward.

Benefits of Spiritual & Physical Well-Being

1. Reduces stress, worry and anxiety.

2. Helps to strengthen your relationships with others.

3. Helps you to become more efficient at all things in your daily life — work, family, play, and extracurricular activities.

4. Aids in the healing of current and old emotional wounds that might be holding you back from prospering.

5. Many  experience actual health benefits  — the mindbody connection.

6. Feeling grounded with a semblance of balance in all things in your life.

7. Being able to retain a sense of calmness and peace, even amidst chaos.

8. The ability to focus more clearly on those elements that need attention.

9. Helps to keep you centered, and remain in the moment (not mourning the past or fearing the future).