Simple Gratitude In The Highest

by Melody Jean

Simple Gratitude In The Highest Contemporary SeekerSometimes few words are needed to say what’s on our minds, or to express how we feel.

This is one of those times.

Thankfully (yes, pun intended) we’ll always have reason to be grateful. That is, if we remember to gratefully embrace the richness around us.

When so doing, our souls will soar high up into the sky. It’s in this place, too, where we can rest easy for a moment and enjoy a ride upon the clouds.

Here I share my gratitude in the highest, yet most simple way that I know how. There is no limit to gratitude.

Gratitude In The Highest

I’m content

I’m contenting

I’m rewarded

I’m rewarding

I’m cherished

I’m cherishing

I’m relished

I’m relishing

I’m remembered

I’m remembering

I’m hungered for

I’m hungering

I’m adored

I’m adoring

I’m grateful

I’m gratifying

I’m lighted

I’m lighting

I’m loved

I’m loving

I’m free

I’m freeing

I’m hoped for

I’m hopeful

Faith is a beautiful thing.

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