Speaking The Truth – Let the Story Begin

by Melody Jean

Speaking Truth  – Let the Story Begin  Contemporary SeekerThe truth is what I seek. Ironically, I realize that I have not been speaking my whole truth. Don’t run from me just, yet, though. Or dismiss all that I’ve shared on this blog.

You can trust that my thoughts and ideas depicted thus far are true, sincere, and originated from a higher level of consciousness within me.

The Who, What, Why of It All

Yet, I’ve held back in offering additional elements (of my life) that I have to share. It’s why there’s been a lag in writing time of late. I’ve been coming to grips with it in my own way. Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here?

I realize I’ve left out profound incidences and findings from this blog. Perhaps, the ones that my readers would gain the most from. Not maliciously. It’s deeper than that.

I have been holding back out of fear. Fear of ridicule and judgment. Fear of being deemed weird, crazy, or “out there.” I feared persecution (figuratively, of course). After all, I like my job and would like to keep it <wink, wink>.

I recognize that some view what I’ve said (already), bizarre. The information I’ve withheld is even more out there, like beyond the stars out there.

While, what I have been experiencing seems perfectly normal to me (now), I recognize it would be utterly ludicrous to the average person. Those who are in-tuned to the higher essence might understand. Or others who are seeking the be-all “truth,” too, might find that which I’ve been through fascinating. Yet, mainstream folk? Perhaps nada so much 😉 Yet, I’m done hiding behind the veil.

Awakening – It is Just This Way

I don’t claim to know too much, in fact sometimes I feel like I know nothing at all. My life is a mere semblance of what it was even just three years ago.

At times I feel like I miss it so much, my old life, that is. The old me. Primarily because I felt in control (of most everything). I knew what was up, down, left and right. I knew what to expect because I had it in my grasp.

This new life, or perhaps better said, the transition to my new life is somewhat of a struggle filled with strife. Though, at moments I am able to look at it in a different light. I can view it in a beautiful way.

I’m not always sure why it is this way, but it is just this way.

Shedding the Old – Fear Begone

Reflecting upon my old life, I realize it was riddled with fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of honing the truth, my truth. Fear of being who I really am and who I am here to be.

I tried to fit the mold, yet it never worked out quite that way. In a sense, that mold has been shattered. All that remains is a much more humbled essence of self. I’m a seeker of truth, of knowledge. I am here to learn as much as I am here to teach. I am here to be healed as much as I am meant to heal. I am here to be helped as much as I am here to help others.

Yes, one thing I know for certain is that I’m meant to assist mankind. I’m here to help me, you, and humanity. The world is certainly my classroom, and I know that I am being groomed for something beyond the “apparentness” of it all.  

A Pledge to Self

Going forward I vow to share my ultimate truth, what is really transpiring, as hard as it may be and regardless of consequence.  I will not be ruled by fear. I will be doing a disservice to me and mankind by withholding.

I know and hone information about many thought processes that the mainstream person deems “batty” or implausible. Yet, those who are searching to know deserve this information.

I’ve learned much that I’d like to share inclusive of kundalini awakenings and/or shamanic initiations, past lives, incarnations, star and planetary influences, integrated life paths, indigo children, psychics, healers, medical intuitivism, the fifth dimension, ascension and ascension symptoms, and more. There is so much to share. People (and our souls) are capable of amazing things! We have everything that we need to know right now. We have just forgotten how to access it. This is fact.

The naysayers and doubters serve a purpose too. Yet, mankind is collectively reaching higher.  The new Melody is really the old Melody embracing her inner soul and speaking the truth once and for all. With that, I now allow the “full” story to begin …

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Hi Mel,

I relate to what you write about. Did you know that a psychologist, Abraham Maslow, wrote about a condition called the “Jonah Complex?” If you remember the Bible story, Jonah ran away when he received God’s message and wound up in the belly of the whale. I think not facing who we are is very much part of the human condition. Facing our true nature may be the hardest thing we can ever do. I commend your bravery!


Melody Jean

Thanks so very much Mike for your note. It’s a journey unto itself. I will check out the Johan Complex, too. Thanks for the tip!


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