Spiritual Beginnings – It’s Like Wine Tasting

by Melody Jean

Spiritual Beginnings -  It's Like Wine Tasting Contemporary SeekerI’ll quite frankly be the first to admit that when it comes to spiritual development, I’m not a master. I’m a learner. This is fact. A true story.

It’s Real

I believe my intentions are real and stem from the right place. Yet, I also know that I’ve just begun to step on the stones (of greatness) even though I’ve been consciously traveling for 15+ years and probably subconsciously for many more.

It’s not a short or easy path. Rather it’s a long path, a life-long path.

Just a Momentary Glimpse

We are inundated with so many spiritual messages from modern-day speakers, who I coin ‘spiritual celebrities,’ like Tolle, Dyer, Chopra, Oprah and the like. Daily we are privy to uplifting, beautiful, and moving quotes and prose via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Yet, surely this can’t be it. Can it? No. It’s too Simple.

When reading inspirational quotes, many feel a moment of reprieve. They read, digest, feel good and then return to whatever it was that they were doing prior. Others dismiss the meaning, or the feeling associated with it, entirely.

What’s similar in both instances is that it’s just a momentary glimpse of what is really out there.

It’s Like Wine Tasting

I’ve heard that true spiritual learning and development takes time and patience. I understand this, and correlate its beginning to wine tasting.

–> Many Options

So many options are placed before us when partaking. We sip of the nectar to decide if we like it. Sometimes we even pair it with a fine cheese to bring out the flavor.

Between each tantalizing taste we cleanse our palate to make way for a new essence. We have patience in this pursuit. It’s enjoyable and we find a variety of appealing flavors.

For many of us, wine tasting becomes a reoccurring event, to which we will revisit time and again. For others it becomes a passion. In either case, each time we learn more about the oldest and newest wines and embrace ever more of the art form behind its delicious high.

Spiritual learning, for the beginner, is often like this.

We visit the works of many, attend various places of worship, seek out information from those who appear knowledgeable, partake in the overabundance of quotes available on social media sites, read holy books and those penned by modern-day spiritual celebrities and onward.

We drink of its sustenance, feel it’s effervescent texture, taste its flavor, and savor the richness of it all.

–> Going Beyond

This is all good – it leads us in the right direction. Yet, rare are few who know how to go beyond this to true learning.

A Seeker in Sight

The work that I’ve done in terms of bettering myself for the role of productive citizen in the apparent world is easy to explain. It’s the work that I pursue, on a deeper level, that I find more challenging to articulate.

I’m certain of the path, in that I know the way in which I need to go. Yet, I also know that I’m not void of distractions and detours. Hence I’ll be the first to admit – I’m learning how to learn. I’m not a master.

I’m a seeker in sight, drinking of the intoxicating nectar and just soaking-up all that’s in my grasp.

It Must Come Little by Little

Idries Shah, one of the great Sufi writers of all time states, “Enlightenment must come little by little-otherwise it would overwhelm.”

I now understand what he means.

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A favorite quote by Idries Shah includes- “The object of Sufi spiritual teaching can be expressed as: to help to refine the individual’s consciousness so that it may reach the Radiances of Truth, from which one is cut off by ordinary activities of the world.”

The Truth is already inside us and living in the world blocks this realization. The process of awakening to this Truth is a refinement of consciousness. Learning how to still the everyday and merging with the Inner Truth . . .


Melody Jean

Thank you for your note. Sometimes I wonder this: if the “apparent world” blocks us from the Truth why were we given the “apparent world?” Is it a test to see who really wants to, or is capable of, remembering the Truth?



Life is a multi-level experience; we are to experience it all. With the capacity of free will- we can choose to go toward the Light or not; it is all up to us and those who Love, run toward the Light in an act of freely chosen creation.


Melody Jean

Makes sense.Thanks for helping to put this into an understandable framework (as always) Stewart. PS I love you dad (a.k.a. Stewart)


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