Sweet Dreams — You Did the Best You Could

by Melody Jean

Sweet Dream You Did the Best  You Could Contemporary SeekerAt the end of the day, I always like to pause to take stock of the day. What am I grateful for? Where could I have risen higher? What did I do well?

Often I find ‘one’ something I can be proud of. While there is always, always, room for improvement, because even the finest can do better, I look for the helper in me.

As you prepare to ‘sleep tight,’ each night, pause to take solace in the fact you did the best you could.

When you awake tomorrow, it will be with a clear head, a clean slate, and a chance to start anew.

Every day affords this, you see. It’s 100% guaranteed.

Sweet dreams.

You Did the Best You Could Quote Contemporary Seeker


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Good stuff as always! But now I have the Eurythmics stuck in my head…..


Melody Jean

SMK — it could be worse. haha! Thanks for the kudos 🙂


George Taus

Great writing
Great message !!
Cousin George


Melody Jean

Thanks George — I’m glad you liked it!


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