“Tests” in Life — Who is the Creator?

by Melody Jean

Life's Tests - Who is the Creator Image Contemporary SeekerA common phrase we hear is, “God is teaching me a lesson. I’m being tested.”

I find it interesting how many attribute elements that happen as tests from God.

I used to subscribe to this notion hook, line and sinker.

I’d find myself thinking, “This is happening because I haven’t learned my lesson. God will continue to test me and place this before me until I finally get it.”

Creator of My Demise

It wasn’t until recent years I began to realize these teachings aren’t necessarily God’s hand.

In fact I’m beginning to wonder if any are at all?

My dad always said to me that I create most of my problems; we all do.

It took me a long time to “eat” that one; digest it and understand what he meant.

As a teen I thought he was just simply mad, or crazy if you will.

Now I know what he means.

An Example of My Example

Case in point? “Testing” of my intuition.

It’s pretty darn spot-on in many things.

I’ve worked to hone it and develop it. We all have this capacity if we want to put forth the effort.

Yet time and again when my intuition is beckoning me to act or not act one way, but my mind or heart wants to do the opposite, I ignore my intuition.

It’s easy to do because we humans want to do what we want to do.

Reaping the Consequences. Again.

Just this past week I squashed my intuition hard-core, to the ultimate capacity.

I knew my intuition was dead-on accurate.

Yet I was completely able to convince myself that it was wrong.

And, with that, I’m paying the consequences now.

Nothing I can’t handle, but let’s just say, “Test receivedlesson learned … again.”

I’ve been here before having taken this test several times.

Sometimes I pass, other times I fail.

Like Calls to Like

Circling back to my opening notion – I know I brought last week’s situation upon myself.

Further, I knew the right thing to do and chose to ignore it.

My dad has said to me, “Like calls to like.”

Another pointed element that took me time to understand.

Now I get it.

I wholeheartedly believe the entire situation was my doing, not God.

Inherently I knew this, too, as I was making my way through the process.

I drew that energy to me because I needed it repeated (“like calling to like”).

It was for many reasons, on multiple levels, I’m sure.

While I’m not proud of the decision(s) I made, I learned once again.

I forgive myself, but this time I will never forget.

It’s a lesson learned for the last time.

If I call this “intuition” test forth at a later date it’s my intent to pass.

And to do so with flying colors.

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The Sojourner

Intuition,synchronicity,coincidences, etc.all the things I was told are cultish are the mysteries that Paul learned so those who had ear(singular a spiritual) to hear are overcomers. Easy does it better.Nick


Melody Jean

Hey Sojourner/Nick —thank you. Yes, I understand now. To hear … and boy sometimes I can hear, haha. Thanks again, my friend!


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