That Ratty Old Jacket – Forgiving Your Past

by Melody Jean

contemporary seeker forgiving your pastA quote struck me for numerous reasons. Another seemingly easy to understand thought, which I could probably take to the nth degree because of the nature of my thinking.

“No matter how dirty your past, your future is still spotless.” –Drake

The Jacket You Wear

So many times people get caught up in their past. Wrongs done unto them and those harms they caused others. In a sense the jacket they wear today is a ratty, old one from years past.

People often find it difficult to move beyond the days gone by; remembering pains, transgressions, and injustices. This is natural in some way, yet it tends to hold most back.

My Past Still Courses Through My Veins

I like to think my past made me who I am today. For each mistake, each lesson, each triumph, each challenge, each pitfall, each success – every last one of them, still course through my veins.

Rather than admonish or blame them for any lack luster elements of my life today; I embrace them.

Clearing the Cobwebs

You see I’ve made peace with my past. Harms I’ve caused or wrongs I’ve had to make right. I forgive myself. I think forgiveness of self is key as is forgiving others.

Forgiving is different than allowing someone a place back in our lives or saying that what we did in the past was “ok.” Acknowledging, apologizing and forgiving are different elements than wronging again, or allowing someone back to do us more harm. I find great value in acknowledging what has been done to me, and what I have done to others, as well as, at the very least, attempting to right things and of course forgive. Forgive myself, and forgive others. It’s a relief, a peace. It clears the cobwebs and allows us the clean space needed to proceed.

The Gift

If we accept responsibility, apologize to those who we wronged, and forgive ourselves and others, it helps to heal old wounds. It also allows us to shed that ratty, old jacket.

Our past is a gift, not a curse, no matter how checkered or soiled it may be. That past made us who we are today. Once this gift is revealed; it’s our responsibility to keep it alive. We must continue to clear the cobwebs, and keep our jackets clean. Don’t allow our recent past to get so muddied and soiled to the extent it was before. Keep checking, keep cleaning and keep washing that jacket. It’s never to late, or too soon, to say “I’m sorry,” to right a wrong, or to forgive. The more you do it, the better you’ll become at doing it.

So with that, I offer this up to you – accept, apologize, forgive and go ahead; grab yourself that brand new jacket, after all, your spotless future awaits.

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George Taus

Hi Melody
Another excellent article. right on the money too!!
keep up the fine work..George


Melody Jean

Glad you liked it George — your feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂


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