The “Aha” Moment

by Melody Jean

Aha Moment Contemporary SeekerA reader emailed me and his inquiry took me to that place inside. The silent dwelling that allows me to question and to think. Question I did, and think I have.

The Inquiry

I paraphrase here the crux of the inquiry.

“I read your blog, and in theory some of what you mention is “easy” or “simple” but in practice I’m finding it much harder to take some of it to heart in my own life. Do you really just have these “aha” moments that allow you to let go of whatever it is that you have been dealing with? I’m in need of an “aha” moment. I just read how positive a spin you put on things and make it look so easy… and I’ve hit a brick wall of late. Life should be easy right now, because things have slowed down, but emotionally it’s not.

An Ideological Mel-ism

When I finally deciphered the heart of it, I answered somewhat in this vein.

There’s No Continuity

My ability to let go of issues, is like a pendulum. It’s not static, nor constant. There’s no continuity. I swing back and forth. Sometimes it’s clear as day and other times it’s all muddied and I struggle again.

Depending on the conundrum bogging my mind, sometimes it’s quite easy to let go of forever. Other times, it takes much more effort.

The World’s Our Classroom

This is what life’s about – the world is our classroom, as my dad always says.

Everything we go through, every little, itty, bitty particle usually has some purpose. Whether big or small.

I do a lot of introspection and because of the effort I put forth, I see very clearly at times. I read the way of the Sufi, which also helps with lucidity.

It’s Not in The Emotionality

In terms of the emotional element found in the inquiry. I assume the reader was alluding to those emotional issues along the lines of relationships, letting go of your past and the like.

I learned a long time ago that trying days, or even weeks, are to be expected. In fact they’re normal. I always say life can’t always be roses and rainbows. Too I know that it’s also okay to feel pain. We can embrace it for a moment and then send it on it’s way.

In regards to emotions, yes, I do have the ability to let them go. I honor, and release. For me, these fall into the aforementioned category of those I can let go of forever. Again, it’s because of my years of self-contemplation and actualization that I’m able to do this.

–> It’s Practicality

I think part of it boils down to practicality. I ask myself, “How much weight do I want to give something I can’t control?”

When dealing with relationship issues we have very little control over another so it becomes tiring. If it’s meant to end, let it. Don’t hang on – let it go. There are bigger issues that we can control that need our attention.

Of course it goes without saying that of course I’m still affected at times by emotional elements. The difference is that I can put it into perspective much more quickly and move on.

–> A Grand “Aha”

As the reader suggests, I’ve had what could be deemed a grand “aha moment.” That moment when the biggest, brightest light bulb illuminated my cranium. It was as if the answer found me rather than vice versa. As a result, I now have the ability to ‘let go’ of elements like never before.

Words won’t do justice to the feeling that I felt at that moment – it’s indescribable. Yet, I assure you that you will know it, when you feel it.

The Challenge – Tangible Conundrums

The issues that I afford most of my attention have less to do with pure emotionality. They’re more tangible in nature in that we need to take action because they’re broken or need help – house and car repairs, a sick family member and the like.

My efforts need to lay in addressing issues like these and minimizing any associated emotions. Not tied-up in past issues, failed or failing relationships, or reliving moments when I was wronged or may have wronged others.

We have to let those ones go. I speak to this in my post That Ratty Old Jacket – Forgiving Your Past, which you may enjoy as well.

I would like to end by expressing my gratitude for the reader who shared his story with me so that I in turn could share this with all of you.

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