The Apparent Leads to the Real: The Missing Piece

by Melody Jean

The Apparent Leads to the Real: The Missing Piece Contemporary SeekerThis post is multifaceted and was written from a place of sincerity. So while it may seem easy to interpret the meaning, as the creator, I can attest to its multidimensional layers of reality.

This is not to say that what’s obvious isn’t, indeed, also one of the levels. Yet, I assure, there are layers.

This, my friends, is the beautiful thing about poetry and other art forms. Surveyors are free to experience meaning beyond what may seem apparent, or even an artist’s intent.

As the Sufis say, “the apparent is the bridge to the real.”

Here I share ….

“I Miss You”

Your hearty laugh

Sparkling eyes

Complacent nature

Your sound advice


Soft caress

Guiding light

Gentle whisper

Humorous ways


Stoic stance

Assured posture

Strong demeanor

Variant dreams


Long walks

Intelligent thoughts

Deep personal talks

Your friendship too


Yes it’s these things

I miss about you

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