The Awesome Power of Awareness

by Melody Jean

In the last 24 hours I picked up a book because the title grabbed me, and I headed straight to the page written for that day. The book is a compilation of daily lessons. It includes 365 of them.

Today’s lesson was about the power of awareness. Awareness and Power? Hmmmmm.

This is not in that we are ‘aware’ of what we eat, drink, or how we get to work, but awareness on a deeper level. It said that if we pay attention … this awareness is the first step to bring about change.

It underscored that when we first become aware of a problem, situation, or feeling, we react out of fear. Ironically, here we are again; tied back to fear and this is something I found independent of what I posted yesterday All Emotions Stem from Love and Fear.

If we react out of fear it is usually anxious fear. When we become aware of something, for example, a relationship that isn’t working (you know when you “just know”), or the hunch that you have that the way you are eating is causing health problems; when these things grab our attention, or we become aware, we become frightened or uncomfortable. We know that we have to change it. The big “c” word we all have learned to hate, although we often pretend that we don’t.

In continuing to skim through the passage of what I was reading it said awareness is the first step to bring about change. Interesting. So it goes … we become aware, feel unsettled, and change.  Awareness is how the universe gets our attention and prepares us for change or the process of becoming changed begins with awareness. So I vow to be open it to it and give this concept a shot. And I offer this to you as a chance to do the same.

— please note that while the thoughts on this post were evoked from a book by M. Beattie, which I skimmed through, because the title grabbed me, I was not reading the book for the reasons the book was written by the author. This is part of the scatter approach I am using to “learning.” I am told seekers find that which they need at that moment, and hence I received.


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