The Biggest Heart — Through the Eyes of Others

by Melody Jean

The Biggest Heart Contemporary SeekerWe’ve always been taught about our “heart.” Yet, I’m not talking about the pulsating, glob of goo in the middle of our chests.  

Rather I speak to the heart’s essence. The one that people refer to when they use phrases such as, “speak from the heart,” “follow your heart,” “listen to your heart,” “ask your heart,” and “lead with your heart.”

A Heart’s Struggle

I’ve struggled with “finding” my heart or perhaps better stated, my heart’s center.

You see, it’s an elusive place.

Of course, when pained or in love, I know my heart is there.  

A Journey of the Heart — Worth a Thousand Miles

It’s rumored, though, that our hearts comprise so much more.

We each hone an inner core. In fact it’s a place that only we can go … by ourselves, alone.  

I often think perhaps this is one of the many road blocks to finding “the heart.” In that, we have to do it solo.  Yet, once we find this place, I’m told that we’ll have peace. 

It’s a journey worth a thousand miles.

Through the Eyes of Others

Through the many triumphs and pitfalls of late, I believe that I finally stumbled upon my beautiful heart.

Yes, I’ve glimpsed its elusive, blissful light. Yet, ironically, it’s through the eyes of others that I’ve begun to see this in me. Here I share …  

The Biggest Heart

Unintentionally hidden

too consumed to let the world see

Though your illuminated essence

dwelled within the depths of me


Yet, I knew you had a face

I felt you through my tears

For it was only then, dear, heart

when I knew that you were sincere


Each and every time

when you tore or bled

I was privy to your awesome power

beneath a cold harsh lead


Yet a soft, mushy place

Well, it resides here, too

While often it’s veiled

the massive light burns right through


My humbled, tethered being

has finally rocked the seed’s core

Yet, it’s just been of recent

that I’m willing to implore


An illuminated spirit

that some say is a big heart within me

Now that I’ve held you and kissed you

I’ll share your light for eternity  

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