The Difference Between Answers and Lessons

by Melody Jean

Ever get to a point where an issue will never end? It’s long, drawn-out, and down-right tiresome. For months, it’s been the first thought in your head every morning, and the last at night. Often it rents space in your brain throughout the day too. It haunts you. And try as you might to solve it, it just doesn’t want to go away. You analyze it, determine seemingly sensible solutions, put them in place and watch them unfold. Only to think it’s come to pass and low and behold it manifests its ugly head again.

Answer Me The Lesson? Or Lesson Me The Answer? Or Show Me A Lesson? Or Show Me The Answer?

Is there an answer? Or is this issue taking so long to muddy-through because I’m to learn a lesson?

Perhaps there’s a difference between an answer to a problem and a lesson to be learned. They can be independent of each other, simultaneous, or not there at all.

I’ve found a nice shelf to put my current “issue” on and I address it only when it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve yet to find a permanent solution, or similarly stated, an answer. So I think that since I can’t find an answer, what I’m facing is a lesson here. So is this lesson my pot o’ gold? Or is the lesson in fact the answer? Time will tell.

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