The Journey of Words In a Nanosecond

by Melody Jean

A Journey of Words -- All in a NanosecondSometimes words spoken, or written, just zing you in that place. You know that place. It’s almost instantaneous, too.

To the Moon and Back

Even as the words are being formulated on the other’s lips, or your eyes prepare to absorb them in written form, it’s as if each syllable has already traveled (through you) to the moon and back again. All in a single moment’s time. And so the journey begins

A Trip Through the Nerves

Each syllable, and every ounce of their breadth, carries their own weight on a journey to the nerve endings in our brain.

Next Stop — The Heart

While we’re not quite sure how these words will affect us, or even how we’ll react when our influential nerves get a hold of them, we’re certain of one important element:

Once they percolated in our mind, they’d make way to our heart.

Impact Relies on Circumstance

Depending on circumstance(s) in every capacity – this journey of words from one person’s lips to another ears, mind and heart can be a deliciously tantalizing experiencing filled with excitement.

On the flip-side it can cause pain, hurt, or misunderstanding.

In the middle, they may illicit little emotion at all.

A Powerful Journey

I was offered an opportunity through various scenarios to witness the amazing power of words, their weight, strength and ability to evoke so much goodness and sadness all at the same time, independently, or not at all.

Both instances were over and done with almost in the blink of an eye.

With that I saw the awesome journey of words go to the moon and back, all in a nanosecond’s time. It took just 1/1,000,000,000 of a second for them to travel their course. Pretty awesome indeed.

That’s all for today.

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