The “L” Words — I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way

by Melody Jean

The L Wors And I wouldn't Have It Any Other Way Contemporarty SeekerLife is filled with an abundance of wonders and joyousness.

From being a part of a family, to learning, loving, friendship, camaraderie, to manifesting our creative thoughts and desires, being among the world, and partaking in the many cultures and differences — yes, there is so much beauty.

Our Bodily Experience

I believe we are gifted with this bodily experience so that we can take-in all of the richness of this world. Every ounce that it has to offer.

And, yes, while there is pain and loss, too, we somehow always seem to get by and move on.

We were given this outer core so that we can manifest our creativity, or our super powers to help the world to prosper and become a better place.

Through it all, too, we are to remember the higher essence. Where we came from, and then return back home.

The “L” Words

With that, I know that I’ve lived, loved, laughed, lost and learned.

Ironically, too, I don’t wish it to be any other way. It has to be this way, it’s part of the design. And until I return home, it will continue in this vein.

Wishing peace, light and love to you.

The "L" Words Contemporary Seeker Quote

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