The Magic of Human Touch

by Melody Jean

Magic In Human Touch Contemporary SeekerHere, I share, a simple true story because, well, that’s all that is needed …

“Are you happy,” he asks?

With that, I sigh a big sigh, and look-up to the almighty high and in an inaudible whisper I utter his question out loud, “Am I happy?”

It’s as if I’m imploring myself to determine the answer. I then chuckle lightly as I grapple for the strength to continue, or to will an honest answer to come forth.

A moment later, I offer, “I find happiness in a pretty sunset, or a flower that blooms, right now, because that’s all that I have. I’m in so much physical pain.”  I choose then to look to him quietly, as I hold back the tears that I know will surely follow if I speak even one more syllable.

Without words, he ascends from his chair, makes his way around the back of mine, to gently lay his hands on my shoulders.

I feel the heat of his palms, face-side down, on my shoulders beside my neck. Within seconds the tension leaves my shoulders, my arms become billowing marshmallows, and the fire in my stomach subdues.

He continues like this, gently massaging my shoulders as he exchanges pleasantries with others in the room.

After a few moments I glance to him, and simply mouth thank you. He knows that I’m grateful. This I know for certain. In response, he gently pats my head, caresses my cheek and moves away.

The Short Morale of the Story

With this extremely short exchange I came to know, or was reminded of, four elements:

(1) Happiness is transitory and finding it in the “now,” in small things (e.g. a flower’s full bloom or a sunset) is all empowering.

(2) There is healing power in human touch (through the light force that we all hone).

(3) We, as light beings, amazingly have the ability to understand, communicate and create magical things together (without words!).

(4) Finally, we just need to remember how to do all of these things, and more often. With that, the journey continues …

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