The Other Side of Me: My Journey Continues

by Melody Jean

I wrote a post sometime back called “The Other Side of Me: I’m Finally Riding Free” and this is, but a follow-up.

A Recap: It’s Not for Pity or Praise

I shared that I have been challenged health-wise over the last few years with medical issues. Please don’t misconstrue that these posts are are for pity or praise. Rather, they are just an avenue for me to share my physical reality.

Perhaps, it will help someone, or that of a loved one, who resides in the same lot where I’ve been parked.

Acceptance & Knowing

I’ve come a long way in acceptance, and with moderate, baby steps, I continue on.

I recognize many may question me because I write posts such as the one I shared yesterday “Happiness is Not a Constant State Despite What “Spiritual” Gurus Say.”

Some may think, “How does she know? That’s a pretty bold statement.”

You see, it’s through my condition that I have come to absolutely know this to be true.

The human conditions requires transitory states in order to deal with the manifestations of this material plane of existence. While, all areas of improvement are better sought with minimized emotion, you can never negate your emotions entirely.

Humans are not privy to that. So I accept the cards in my hand, and I’ve come to know.

More of Me of Today

So, alas, here I’m pictured after my work-out, which I continue to do for the right reasons.

I do not do this to impress others; change my body shape; or to prove anything to me, or anyone, for that matter. Those are the days of Melody Jean past; I can no longer live like a machine.

Everything now is just for healthful living, and enjoyment.

Gratitude Sometimes in Everything

When I was regularly endurance training for sport (cycling and hiking), I never imagined that I would have this much gratitude just for being able to use the treadmill. True story.

It’s a steadfast and wonderful reminder that the small things have become so much bigger; the highs are higher; and the lows are not so low anymore.

While I still have recurring symptoms, I push on.

Not for medals or glory, but because I have to.

Never Give Up

I do not have the final remedy for my maladies to date.

With that, I’m traveling to Germany with the hopes I’ll receive medical advice and treatment “from a different perspective.” And to visit some new friends.

I will not give up seeking the answers … ever.

In the meantime, I look forward to continuing to share my journey with you.

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