The Power of Little Things

by Melody Jean

The Power of Little Things Contemporary SeekerI read a quote this morning, “Be thankful for the little things because one day you will realize that they are the big things.”

Words can be lost in translation, but point taken.

In more recent years I have come to realize that those … those … big things. Yes, ahaha, “big things.” Those that which society tells us we need to achieve or we will somehow be less than because they are, oh, so utterly dire and important (college degrees, a fruitful career, a house with a white picket fence, marriage, children, etc).

Those are all important on some level, but “equally” important are the smaller things.

The walk after dinner with your dad, the board game that you take time to play with your mom, or the doctors appointment that you arrange for a sick parent, the phone call to your sister, the game of catch you play with your child, the lunch you have with your co-worker because they’re having a rough time, the sunrise you watch with your better half, the butterfly you see pass by, the friend you call because you know they’re down or not feeling well.

Seemingly little, yet so SO huge. Is this something to consider? I think so and plan to give props to the ‘little’ things.




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That’s the difference between living and existing. 🙂


Melody Jean

yes, it is alaysia 🙂


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