The Pursuit of Love Doesn’t Come With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

by Melody Jean

The Pursuit of Love Doesn't Come With A 100% Money Back GuaranteeEvery day relationships end, for a plethora of reasons.

Hopeful One Minute – Disenchanted the Next

I watch my friends, filled with hope, unite with new prospects, only to be let go just a short time later. It happens so frequently that many are disenchanted and become frightened to pursue any relationship at all.

Instead they close themselves off, or accept something less than they deserve.

We Are Love

Yet, we can’t give up. Humans are intended to love. In fact we have nothing without love.

So with that sentiment, I offer you this. Happy seeking.

No Guarantees

Love is not without risk

nor without cost


Hoping for a happy ending

yet knowing we might endure loss


Yet what’s the sense in living

if we don’t seek a love with whom to confide?


For when we hunker in hiding

It’s us who instills a divide


Pursuing a strong connection

is an effort surely well sought


Even when we run the risk of losing

a pursuit of heart is never for naught


We might get some bumps and bruises

Yet who said love is guaranteed?


Risking, loving and losing

will always be a part of humanity.

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