The Start Of A Spiritual Journey: All That Remains

by Melody Jean

The Start of a Spiritual Journey: All That Remains Contemporary SeekerWhen a seeker begins his or her journey for truth, the process often entails peeling away the layers of you.

An Onion of Tears

I liken it to an onion – the process is one layer at time, and not without tears.

We’re complex beings made-up of many levels of mind, and a plethora of years of conditioning. We’ve been told what is right and wrong, and to some extent, what to believe, and even what to feel.

The Indoctrinated You

The entry point for many often begins when one starts to question all that he or she knew and believed. From religion, to financial institutions, to government, to relationships with others – all of it doesn’t seem to quite make as much sense anymore.

We become aware that we’ve been indoctrinated to some extent. Some so vastly, it takes years to undo.

Learning How to Learn

The book, “Learning How to Learn,” was the first that I read over 1.5 decades ago when I began my quest for truth.

Sometimes we have to unlearn to learn again. Further, higher learning can only take place if certain elements are in accord.

My dad, and the Sufis, have a saying: an ideal learning environment must be comprised of the right, people, place and time. I’m a true believer. A wonderful contemporary book to read on this topic is Sufism for Western Seekers.

Life Shifts

What happens for many seekers (not all), is that they experience some dramatic change or several changes in their life. For some it’s chronic illness or death of a loved one. For others it might comprise heartbreak, loss of your home or job, financial loss, or some combination thereof.

Yet, it’s usually something that brings the individual to their knees, sometimes literally. It’s so utterly painful that they have no choice, but to surrender to something higher.

Surrender Point for Moi

This was true for me, in that my surrender was due to a combination of all of the above, and some. I’m thankful for this now, and consider myself blessed in so many ways.

Through Darkness Comes Light

You, see I’m grateful for all that I “lost.” While these real-life events are devastating, those in-tune with a higher-calling will never be the same after. It’s a blessing in disguise.

From the depths of despair we rise up and see “what’s real.”

The Sufi’s have another saying that I will share, “the apparent is the bridge to the real.” It’s learning to see things as they truly are, and what’s really right before us. Not some illusion created by self or society.

Once you hit this point, much becomes clear and you will begin to see, in this new way, more often. Things start to make sense, fall into place and you may very well acquire a keen knowing that you never had before.

Not all Roses and Rainbows

At this point life does not turn into a continual influx of roses and rainbows, because life was never meant to be easy.

Yet, it’s usually, here, where the seeker will begin to understand more of life’s mysteries and will pursue ways to help others in any way that he or she can.

To See the Light

I wrote the poem below to capture my experience. It’s the juncture when I realized that all that I had thought was important; everything that I enjoyed doing; and all that I knew (as me); was really, well, no more. Well, not like it used to be.

While there will likely be a mourning period (for the old physical you), I wrote this to encourage seekers, who are following a similar path.

Once you accept and surrender to what is truly before you, and let go of the facade of what was; you will open yourself up to the grace (or Baraka), and the light. With that, you will forever be grateful, too. I promise.

An Onion of Tears Contemporary SeekerAll that Remains

What was real

is no more

Through these new eyes

I implore

All that remains

is a semblance of former self

One whom I no longer recognize

as me or how I felt

All that remains

is love, light, the eternal essence

Oh, how I marvel

at its simplistic presence

All that remains

is a different place

One that beautifies

my seemingly new face

All that remains

are fragments among the ground

Comprised of old body, thoughts, and ideals

all to be dispelled

All that remains

is my timeless soul

It is here where I found

the truth untold

All that remains

is my love for you

Everything in this world

is bright and anew

All that remains

is my tender heart beating true

Re-membering the path

of you and me and the truth

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Yes! Rings true. Thanks for putting it into words.


Melody Jean

Thank you much for your note! Always excellent to hear when something resonates with another 🙂


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