The Whole Package – Don’t be Jaded

by Melody Jean

We all are seekers in some right. When I thought to start this blog, it was with this thought in mind. Of course for me it’s broad and encompasses all that I seek (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and relational development). I am not comfortable if I am not learning or putting myself in situations where I can experience that which is above and beyond what is before me.

Partially Accepting Thoughts & Ideas

In a sense, I have come to realize that I don’t always accept ideas, thoughts, or teachings completely at face value. Just because I read it in a published book by a reputable author or because it’s shared by another human being with authority, I don’t automatically accept it as truth. Yet, I don’t always discount it all either. There is a shade of gray. Some I accept, but again, much I don’t.

Too I don’t go about spewing aspects that I don’t agree with because there is little point. I find that it’s usually my personal opinion based on my higher thought process, experiences, and knowing. I surely don’t want to be that person in a conversation where someone says that he loves strawberry ice cream and I jump in and respond “Eeeew. Gross. I hate strawberry, my favorite is chocolate.” We all know that person who does this. At the end of the day does it matter that I hate strawberry? Can’t I just share my love for chocolate without tearing apart strawberry and making the other feel bad? Some opposing ideas of course are necessary to articulate, yet much that we do not want to accept can be left to our inner souls to compartmentalize.

What about the Whole Package?

In a nutshell, I do not believe that we have to accept the ‘whole package.’ I think that we can take away a little of something that we need from almost any encounter, teaching, thought or idea. This is what I hope that readers get from this blog. What I share may appear “out there” to many, yet it might resonate with others. For some, perhaps a few of my ideas may seem reasonable, yet other thoughts might make no sense to him or her at all.

Many entities push us to accept the whole idea or we are banished from partaking. From school, to religion, it’s all, or none. History and religious books depict events that happened thousands and thousands of years ago. These books were created by human beings who happened upon facts, writings, artifacts and other elements which were then melded together to bring us a story of our physical and spiritual past. This is okay, and certainly helpful, because we need to learn from our past. Yet, is all of it fact? Did Moses part the Red Sea or was it a cataclysmic event of the time and through the years it manifested into a beautiful story?

An Example: The Search for Significant Others

To put this in simple terms – many men and women have an idea in their mind regarding a life partner. They conjure up “the whole package” or a laundry list of traits that a partner should possess if they are to be suitable. For instance, he or she must be smart, good looking, humorous, ambitious, sociable, introspective, thoughtful, kind, hold a decent job, be financially responsible, want to have a family and the list goes on. Is this realistic? Not impossible, nothing is impossible, but the reality is that it’s probably not going to unfold quite like that. While you may find some of it, you likely won’t find all of it in one human being. If you do find it all, there is sure to be something unappealing about him or her that you just forgot to include on the list.

I use this as an example because many, especially today, will continue through life discounting person after person because they don’t have all that they demand in a partner. Much of this comes from what society deems is acceptable in a partner too. I could go through each trait above and make it a question … what is considered a decent job? What does it mean to be kind, or to be thoughtful? What do you consider smart or good looking? To each I can answer … it’s based on the individual. In reality someone who I think might have many of these traits, my best friend could look at me in horror and say “are you nuts?!” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder my friends. So if this is true in this instance, can’t my interpretation of the Holy Bible be different than yours, yet both of us can be right? Can’t I take from it that which I need and leave the rest behind? And you do the same? I think so.

That’s all for now.

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