The World Is Our Classroom and I Get Nothing If I Don’t Attend

by Melody Jean

The World Is Our ClassroomI realized something.

I can’t possibly write for this blog every day.

This is fact.

My Firery Mind

There will be points when my mind is on fire with exploration and thoughts in a higher realm.

I can do nothing else but offer this through my mind, to my fingers, to the keyboard, to the computer, to this blog, and to all of you.

Up Versus Down? Ha! You Tell Me!

Other times I can’t, for the life of me, decipher which way is up or down. Let alone, allow my higher consciousness to find its way into a formalized piece quality enough for others to read.

Guilty I Feel. Oh! But Am I?

I haven’t written a post in about a week, and have been doing so less frequently. With this, I began to feel badly in a way. Almost guilty-like.

I’m not sure who, or what, I was feeling bad for? Was it me? You? Something else? I didn’t know, but I knew I felt bad.

The Examination of Sorts

So I began examining this element because I wanted to determine if it’s because of externals in my life — people, my job, obligations and the like.

What I found is, yes, all of these are influencing me.

Yet, I also realized – this is a good thing.

The World As Class

It’s a great thing actually.

If I just stayed at my computer endlessly writing, and didn’t work, or didn’t live life, I’d surely run out of things to write about.

After all, the world is our classroom. This is something my father always says. His words are echoing resoundingly in my mind as I write this.

If You Don’t Attend — You Get Nothing

If I’m not in class, or of the world, I will not learn. If I don’t learn, I have nothing to offer myself and with that, very little to offer anyone else.

The Realio of The Real-I-Zation

Yes, I know that realio is not a real word, yet for the purposes here, take it to mean “real.”

As for real-I-zation, in the same vein, it’s just my play on words to highlight that there is an element of “I” in realizing something.

So with this realization I came to know that (1) sometimes I average just one post, or less, a week (2) sometimes I blog daily for weeks on end, and (3) that either instance is okay.

No Justifying Here — Just Furthering the Lesson

There is no justification of these elements needed really. Yet I’d like to share my thought process a little further.

–> Life Happens

It’s okay that I haven’t been blogging, because I couldn’t. Plain and simple really. Life is happening my friends.

–> It Goes Beyond Our Control

Due to circumstances beyond my control, in the last three weeks I had to move my home again. This makes for the fourth full-on home move in less than a year.

–> Priorities Take Precedence

True too, right now I’m all consumed by my job. At certain periods during the year I have to focus on work. It takes the front seat of precedence.

It’s the nature of what I do, really, because it’s cyclic. There’s a beginning and an end every year. Ironically too, when one year ends, the very next day, a new one begins.

With this, I’m cleaning up and planning at the same time. In fact, this is what I’m doing daily right now, as I do at this time every year. I don’t mind, because I love the energy of it, and it’s what I’ve signed-up for.

–> Giving it All You’ve Got

I have goals to meet and when it comes down to the “do or die” time, like now, I ante-up and give it my everything.

After all, this what I try to offer of me to each and every aspect that I undertake in life. My job is no different.

In fact it’s of high importance because it affords me to live life, be of the world, and to “go to class.”

–> Obligations & Fueling the Engine

Its worth mentioning too that I’m diligently trying to keep-up with family and friends through my attendance at obligatory events and recreation gatherings.

As well I’m working to remain conscious of my physical self. I try to remember to fuel my engine with the proper ingredients so that I may continue on at this pace inclusive of sleeping (which I do little), exercising (which has been waning too) and eating well (I’ve had too much chocolate and popcorn of late).

–> Alas, I’m Tired

With all of that, at the end of the day, my body and mind are exhausted. I have nothing left to share. In fact, sometimes I can’t move.

–> Good News? It’s Transitory

While I don’t know much, what I do know from experience, is that this pace and the many factors unfolding all at once, is transitory.

What I’m experiencing now will come to pass and their lessons will appear later to me, and even later, here, on this blog.

–> I Must Take the Time

Yes. This I know. You see I’m never done learning or writing, but I can only continue in both pursuits if I take the time necessary to sit-in on the classroom of the world.

If I don’t, I will learn nothing at all. With that, there will be nothing left to write.

–> In the Words of the Doctor …

I’ll share a favorite quote of mine from Dr. Seuss, which I may have mentioned before but it’s applicable here:

“There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.”

–> It’s the Juice, So Drink Up

Yep. Life happens. It’s where we learn. Subsequently life’s the juice for my blog, so with that, I’ll drink up. In fact, I’ll toast to all of you.

–> Off I Go

So off to class I go. In the meantime, you never know when a new blog will surface.

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